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Minutes of a meeting of Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trustees held in Hethersett Queen’s Head on Thursday 21st November,  2013



Apologies were received from David Chambers (DC) and Alan Wiffin (resident). Present were: Peter Hoult - chair (PH), Peter Steward - secretary (PS), Rob Reeve (RR), Dr Anne Edwards (AE), Mel Perkins MBE (MP) and Kathy Floyd (KF) 

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. 

Anti Social Behaviour 

Updates were given on anti-social behaviour issues and progress made. PS reported that the number of reported instances of vandalism had shown a large drop and he had received an e-mail from local residents stating that things have improved. The Trustees will continue with a number of measures to ensure vandalism doesn’t recur. These include improved barrier and gates which Reg Loveday is working on and which could cost £1,000 to put in place. Trustees will also move ahead with alcohol banning measures. Park lights now automatically turn off at 9.30 p.m and covert cameras continues to be a possibility if the level of vandalism returns. 

Funding Updates 

MP updated Trustees on the Pavilion project. We are waiting a services report but the project is likely to cost in the region of £220,000. MP will be contacting builders to obtain quotes for the work. 

RR spoke about the possibility of a Big Lottery grant to provide a basketball hoop. This is something that could be looked into in the Spring. 

Environmental Issues 

AE has used sods taken from the petanque terrain to improve the damaged grass on verges in Recreation Road. Unfortunately this hasn’t been successful.  

It was suggested that the Hethersett Environmental Action Team might be prepared to provide bat boxes for the new pavilion. 

Play Equipment 

Registers are up to date and the ROSPA inspection has taken place. ROSPA made a few recommendations and remedial work will be carried out. New seats will also be introduced to the area and RR will look into a “no dogs” sign. 

Park Maintenance 

PH will supply details to PS re the contact at South Norfolk Council to ensure the bottle and textile banks are removed. 

Treasurer’s Report 

Before the meeting DC produced the latest set of accounts and running cost estimates for 2014/2015. These need to be passed to the parish council as a request for funding. DC’s workings show the need for an income from the parish council of £7564.22. It was agreed, however, that an additional £2,000 should be requested in order for the field to be Vertidrained and have herbicide put down. Part of the cost of this would be met by Hethersett Athletic Football Club. 

MP stated that once formally constituted the Croquet Club should be asked to pay a percentage of hiring fees as worked out by the treasurer. PH felt that this was fair. 

Future Plans and Events 

Nothing new to report 

Any Other Business 

PH mentioned a request from young people for a BMX track. After discussion it was felt that the village hall skateboard park would be a more suitable venue for this and the matter should be referred to Hethersett and the Meltons’ Sports Association. KF agreed to research the matter and report back to the next meeting. 

Date and Venue of Next Meeting 

February 11th at Hethersett Queen’s Head at 7 p.m.