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Allotment Plea Renewed

A Hethersett action group is still on the lookout for land as the cry for allotments in the village gathers pace. Over 40 people have expressed an interest in having an allotment and parish councillor Jackie Sutton, who is leading the hunt for land, is determined to make their wishes come true. Jackie has hit a stumbling block, however, in not being able to find suitable land despite writing to numerous land owners.

“We would like to rent a piece of land, but to date we have contacted 18 landowners. Owners have either turned us down or simply don’t reply,” she said.

As a result Jackie has launched a group of enthusiasts with the rather tongue in cheek title of HARP (the Hethersett Allotment Renaissance Project). The renaissance part of the title harps back to the years when allotments existed in the village. HARP is looking for approximately five acres of land: “In the past there were allotments in Hethersett but they were not replaced. We have had a huge interest from people of all ages. There is more and more development in the village and many of the new properties have very small gardens. That is why we are looking for allotment land within the village envelope where people can cycle or walk to,” Jackie Sutton said.

Any member of the public interested in supporting the allotment bid or landowners willing to rent out land can contact Jackie Sutton on 01603 811170