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Hethersett and the Meltons Sports Association- News

Support from Neighbourhood Board

The Northern River Valleys Neighbourhood Board is supporting the ethos of Hethersett and the Meltons Sports Association in its document Your Neighbourhood - Your Choice which has been adopted. Below is the relevant section concerning fitness.

Outcome 3 To provide increased access to sport and physical activity, resulting in a reduction in the instances of obesity and other problems associated with a lack of exercise.

What the Northern River Valleys Neighbourhood Board want to enable more residents from the neighbourhood area to engage in sports, and inspire especially young people to participate in competitive sports and activities. It proposes the focus of activity as:

  1. Improving the quality of Coaching available in the Neighbourhood Area.
  2. Improving retention of players and members of our sports clubs.
  3. Increase participation in Sport and physical activity.
  4. Increase the number of young people taking part in healthy activities.
  5. Increase participation amongst lower income families.

How the Northern River Valley Neighbourhood Board will commit 9,500 to:

  1. Extending the Community Coach Bursary scheme to better meet demand.
  2. Extending Kids Camp holiday activities to provide greater cover across the district.
  3. Encouraging those eligible for SN Leisure Passport to obtain them, thus benefitting from lower enrolment charges.
  4. Facilitate exercise classes at Outdoor Gym Locations e.g. Cringleford and Costessey
  5. Use existing community transport provision to help residents attend all activities as well as targeting established groups that would benefit from enhancements.

Who these enhancements will be commissioned/delivered by:

  1. Norfolk Community Foundation will continue to administer the Community Coach Scheme with increased resources.
  2. South Norfolk will work in partnership with Easton College and other suitable locations to provide extended coverage of Kids Camp.
  3. South Norfolk will work in partnership with for example NHS, Humbleyard & Roundwell Medical Practices and other organisations e.g. Hethersett & Melton Sports Assn, Scouts, Schools, Sure Start to promote the benefits.

When This package will be launched in August with the commissioned services being in place by the beginning of September 2012. The agreements with service providers will be:

  1. Coach Bursary Scheme 1 year
  2. Kids Camp 1 year
  3. Outdoor Gyms 4 locations over 12 weeks

The Northern River Valleys Neighbourhood Board will monitor these services and produce quarterly progress reports to South Norfolk Council to show the effectiveness of the funding.

Targets - The targets for the services that the Neighbourhood Board will measure are:

  1. 14 bursaries delivered across the district in 2011/12, to at least 9 extra qualified coaches available in the Northern River Valleys.
  2. 25 children in attendance per extra location for Kids Club.
  3. Increase Kid Clubs from 1 to 3 and achieve cost neutral status in first year.
  4. 6 residents attend each outdoor gym training session

Exit Strategy the Northern River Valley Neighbourhood Board will consider withdrawal from the enhanced service in the following circumstances:

  1. Community Coach Scheme fails to provide 6 extra coaches.
  2. Kids Club Fails to achieve 60% capacity in available activities.
  3. Less than 3 residents attend each outdoor gym training session


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All welcome at the next meeting of the Sports Association which will take place in the Melton Suite at Park Farm Hotel, Hethersett, on Monday 10th September, 2012 at 7.30 p.m.

The association is busy working to promote sport and leisure in Hethersett with a particular emphasis on fitness, well being, health and the environment.

In 2012 the association will be supporting member clubs and individuals and also a number of sporting and leisure activities in Hethersett and the Meltons. This has included the setting up of a social running group for all ages which meets at Hethersett Junior School on Thursday evenings from 7 until 8 p.m.

In 2011 Hethersett and the Meltons  won the South Norfolk Village Games and in the county finals were pipped for first place by Downham Market. Despite coming up against towns with much larger populations in the Large Villages/Market Towns section, we were delighted to finish runners-up in the whole of Norfolk. In 2012 we were again crowned South Norfolk champions and will be taking part in the County finals on July 15th.

Below are the Media cuttings from the last two years' events.