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The Bees' Knees

Kind Hearted residents of Hethersett Hall are now sharing their home with thousands of important visitors. 

The home has its own beehive and 60,000 bees as residents try to help with a national  shortage of the creatures and also look after the environment. 

The bees have been given a home after residents heard of their plight from local beekeeper Jill Tinsey. The home’s activities co-ordinator Lisa Parsons has weekly meetings with residents to see what projects they would like to get involved with: 

“The honey bee shortage was and still is one of the main talking points on television and in the newspapers. The residents have been concerned about this and we decided to contact Jill,” Lisa said. 

Jill Tinsey provided the home with information and earlier this year residents took delivery of their own hive and the 60,000 bees. Now Lisa  Parsons and the home’s head housekeeper Jane Stevenson are being trained as beekeepers. Already about 40 lb of honey has been produced:  

“The bees are attracted to our grounds, especially the lime trees and lavender,” Lisa added. 

Jill Tinsey has also given educational talks and demonstrations to residents, relatives and staff.   


Jars of the honey were on sale at the home’s annual garden party and they sold like “hot cakes.” There was a tropical island theme to the event. Staff dressed up in grass skirts and as tourists and pirates and residents also wore brightly coloured Caribbean shirts. Entertainment for the afternoon was provided by the Mango Steel Band and Barry Tone as Elvis Presley. The event was also enjoyed by residents from the Woodcote Sheltered Housing complex in the village.