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Newsletter Issued

According to what is described as the first in a series of Hethersett Land newsletters the latest figure, in what appears to be an ever changing scenario, appears to be for an additional 1,100 homes in Hethersett.

The newsletter goes on to claim that "potential benefits" from such a development could include the following:

A new library with the old one being demolished to give additional green space

A new village hall

A youth  drop in centre

A Centre for the elderly

A public green

Public toilets

Unfortunately the document is full of hypothetical ideas that seem to be outlined in a very vague way. It re-iterates what took place at the community involvement weekend and again underlines the scale of development would not be large enough to build a new secondary school.

"Since the Community Planning Weekend there have been discussions with Norfolk County Council about the possibility of providing additional school fields to the north of Back Lane to allow the school to expand on its existing playing fields. This will be another option that is explored," the newsletter states.

The newsletter once again mentions concerns over traffic congestion in the existing village centre with main roads being dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists and poor bus services in the evenings when the park and ride is closed. The newsletter again mentions the possibility of a circular bus around the village and a cycle route between Hethersett and Little Melton.

Overall the newsletter, which concludes with a questions and answers page, is rather vague and woolly and fails to take the development issues any further than the discussions put forward at various public meetings and the community involvement weekend. Primarily it just re-iterates what has been said and detailed previously.