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Genealogy Section

The Freereg genealogy website has now included Hethersett registers from 1615 to 1900 and the site can be accessed at the following links.

List of Parishes

Search the database

This is the area where you can find out about Hethersett family names and have requests published.

So if you are looking for a certain former resident of the village just e-mail by clicking here and your request/notice will be printed. You can also leave messages on the noticeboard. Similarly if you have family history that you think might be helpful to researchers just send it via e-mail.

The following names and details are currently being searched. If you can help with the queries below please e-mail the person directly by clicking on the link and don't forget to tell me of any more information on these names by sending an e-mail by clicking here.


Peter Aves contacted Hethersett Web after reading the article on Myrtle Cottage and told us the following about his family roots.

I found your very interesting article on Myrtle Cottage by chance. My connection to the late John Aves Curson is through Hannah Aves, born 9.9.1813, at Colney, the daughter of Richard and Hannah Aves, nee Lovewell, (my great x 3 grandparents). 

Hannah married Richard Curson circa 1835. I've no further information other than the birth of her two younger brothers in Hethersett, Thomas Aves b.17.12.1821 and Isaac, b.28.5.1824. 

Richard Aves died 17.12.1861 in Wymondham. Hannah, the mother, died 2.6.1859 in Hethersett.

Peter Aves can be contacted by clicking here.


Dave Short is looking for information on the name of Bailey. His Great Grandmother was Ellen Bailey who married William Christie in 1895. His father was Robert Bailey who lived in Lynch Green and was a fish dealer. Unfortunately Dave hasn't left an e-mail address but any replies can be sent to him via the noticeboard.



Donald Bailey has sent us the following details of his family and also kindly given us permission to reproduce two postcards that he has which he believes to be pre first world war. Donald writes:

My great grandfather, William Bailey, with his wife, Harriet (nee Skilling) and brother-in-law, (Nathan) William Kent, ran the general store in the village in the late C19th and earlier part of the C20th. William Bailey (on cart back left) and William Kent (on cart back right) are on the cart and Harriet is at the shop door.

As far back as I have been able to trace the Bailey family, they have lived within Hethersett parish. A brief summary of that BAILEY line is as follows:

Peter (Balye) baptised (? around 1614, possibly outwith Hethersett parish), married Amy (nee Mallet) – Hethersett 9 Oct 1634 (both buried in 1684)

William baptised 7 May 1643 – Hethersett, married Elizabeth (nee ?) – outwith Hethersett parish

Peter baptised 10 November 1689 – Hethersett, married Sarah (nee Chamberlain) – Norwich Cathedral church 4 Oct 1710

William baptised 8 July 1722 – Hethersett, married Elizabeth (nee Bunn) – Norwich Cathedral church 12 Oct 1743

Samuel baptised 10 May 1753 – Hethersett, buried 28 January 1789, married Mary (nee Story) – Hethersett 2 Feb 1773

Robert baptised 22 Sept 1782 – Hethersett, buried 10 August 1840, married Anne (nee Able) – Hethersett 26 Oct 1812

Thomas Able Bailey baptised 19 June 1826 – Hethersett, buried 7 Oct 1909, married Martha (nee Bennett) – St Stephen’s, Norwich 31 January 1854

William born 10 Sept 1863 – Hethersett, died 11 Jan 1950 – Little Melton, married Harriet (nee Skilling) – North Tuddenham 17 November 1885

Ernest Henry Bailey born 27 January 1890 – Hethersett....

If anybody has any further information or would like to get in touch with Donald, they can do so by clicking here.


Rachel Foulger has contacted us. She is researching her maternal line for her son Joe. Her knowledge is rather patchy but she knows her mother Joan Barham was born in 1913 Her parents were Alice and Robert who lived in Wymondham. Robert worked on the railways as did Rachel's great Grandfather Charles Garner (Alice's father) who was a self educated signalman (his signal box was apparently lined with books). Charles had 10 children and Alice was probably the eldest. Apparently Charles was quite a colourful character and probably lived in Hethersett. He was a Labour Party activist and his family were poachers. He was once brought to court for gleaning and defended himself to the judge by quoting from the Book of Ruth "That which dropeth from the sickle belongs to the poor."

Rachel concludes: "If you are interested in helping me and I'm right about the Hethersett link please e-mail me. I know for a fact that Charles' youngest son Horace ended his days in the village.



Christopher writes: My grandfather was born in Little Melton in 1899. His name was Maurice Blake, son of George Frederick Blake (b.1877-Hethersett) and Helen Elizabeth Blake nιe Richardson (b.1871-North Walsham). George Frederick Blake was son of George Blake (1850 or 1851-Hethersett) and Sarah Ann Blake (b.1853-Hethersett).

I would be very interested and grateful to hear from anybody who has any information at all about this branch of my family.

Please contact me (with the word hethersett in the subject line) by clicking here


Celia Scottow would like help in tracing the family of Henry Browne. Celia writes:

I am researching the family of Henry Browne born between 1785 and 1789 in Hethersett. He married Frances Norgate 26th July 1825 - Hethersett and Maria Barker in the June quarter 1842.

I have found the family in the 1851 and 1861 census.

In 1851 Henry was a farmer of 30 acres and employed 2 labourers.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find any more information concerning Henry and his ancestry.

I wondered if you have any information regarding him and his family in your records. As I live near Birmingham accessing records is difficult.

If anybody has information they can e-mail Celia by clicking here


Bev Corbett writes from New Zealand:

I am searching for family information about my great great grandparents, Henry Bunn, born 1800 in Hethersett (died 1855 in Southwark, Surrey) and Eliza Elizabeth Bunn (nee Betts) born 1807 in Norfolk (died 1886 in Riwaka New Zealand. Elizabeth remarried - Samuel Woolfe - in 1887 in Riwaka.. Their daughter Maria is my great grandmother.

If you can help, Bev can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Roger Dicks writes

My Grandmother Gertrude May Collier was born in Hethersett in1895. I don't really know anything about her early life. She married a Mr Cornish & moved to Leicestershire. My name is Roger Dicks. Any information about her or any relatives would be most useful. 

CORKE - posted August 2011

Graham Corke has contacted us from Ottawa, Canada

My name is Graham Corke, of Ottawa Canada. I am originally from the United Kingdom. My family were from Kent, but my paternal grandmother was a Howlett from Norwich. Her father was Robert Howlett, and also worked as a boot maker. I found them in the 1871 Census, living behind the Howlett-White factory.

You have done a great deal of work, and created a marvellous website, with wonderful details on the daily life in the area at the time. I want to find Robert's father and mother.  My wife's ancestry is also from Norfolk. She is a Gurney descendent. Her family tree makes mine look like a shrub, so I'm anxious to add whatever branches I can.

Graham can be contacted via e-mail by clicking here.


Brenda Rice writes: I have recently traced back my maternal grandfather's family to Hethersett through the 1851 Census to Town House Yard and later in the 1861 Census to Parish Yard.

The head of the family Elias (born c. 1805) was described as a General Dealer and then later as a Higgler (?).

Other members of the family - wife: Emily (born Melton Mayo? c. 1815)  children: William (born c. 1837) -
Wheelwright & Carpenter Apprentice in 1851 Female (born c. 1839) Jonathan (born c. 1841) George (born c.1843)
Thomas (born c.1845) Harriet (born c. 1847) Robert (born c. 1853) 

Any information of this family would be much appreciated. Brenda can be contacted by clicking here


Jean Snowden writes:

We recently visited Hethersett Village and would like to find out some more information on the Curson family.

Hannah Curson (born around 1860) is my great-grandmother and William Curson, who was a bricklayer, is her father.

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has any information on the Curson family. You can contact me by clicking on my name link above.


Lyn Wilson writes:

I have the marriage certificate for my Great Great Grandparents, James Daniels and Mary Ann Ward who were married on 26th December , 1859,  in the Parish Church, Hethersett.  James is the son of William and Ann Daniels and they lived on Mill Road although they were originally from Ketteringham. 

I have had success finding James' family in the census records but am having a struggle with Mary Ann's as there are two born at similar  times in the Norwich area. Mary Ann was born about 1838. Her father was James Ward of Hethersett who was a labourer. He later moved to Seaham, County
Durham, when James and Mary Ann went there between 1861 and 1871.

I'm looking for anyone who may have done any research on either of these families. I hope to visit the area soon but if you have any information I would really appreciate it. 

Lyn can be e-mailed by clicking here.

DAVEY (Davy-Kittle)

Mel Mills is looking for information on William Davey and family who lived in Mill Road Cottage at the Turnpike. Mel writes: I am researching my family roots in Norfolk and wondered if there are any references/photographs etc of the above property/occupants.

In the 1881 census, William Davey and Mary Ann Davey are shown as living there with son Robert (Robert would have been my Great Grandfather). Their name was actually Davy-Kittle, but seemed to change with the weather! Sometimes they would drop the Kittle and sometimes they would drop the Davy (though mispelled in the 1891 census as Davey). William was a wheelwright and Robert was an apprentice wheelwright in 1891. Robert was born in Hethersett around 1867. 

Mother Mary Ann was a 'Vout' prior to marriage and worked at Hillborough Hall as a cook . . . any information at all would be most welcome.


Michael Dwyer writes: Greetings to the lovely village of Hethersett. Can anyone put me in touch with members of the Dunton family, related to Geoffrey Dunton, who was a florist living at Hethersett?

Geoffrey was my father's second cousin. I am hoping someone can help with my genealogy and research. 

Please contact me and put "Hethersett" in the subject line. Michael can be contacted by clicking here


Wendy writes: My 6x great grandfather Thomas Emms married in Hethersett around 1800 and lived in Lynch Green House with his wife Ann (nee Walpole)-the house was formerly the Trowel and Hammer Pub. Does the house still exist?

Also, I'm not sure which parish he came from - no mention of him in Hethersett prior to his marriage. Anyone else researching the same family?

If so contact Wendy by clicking here.


Julie Holmes has written to us from New Zealand with an interesting insight into the Flowerdew family. Julie writes:

I have been researching a family line from Hethersett for 8 years now. It is the Flowerdew line that I married into here in New Zealand. I would appreciate anyone who has information or pedigrees on the Flowerdew lines if they could contact me. I have a wealth of information going back as far as the mid 1400s and am in the process of compiling it all together.

There is so much history in this one family line that begins with a John Flowerdew mentioned in the Paston letters who seems to have become Rector of Drayton 1461 upon the death of Fastolph. John Flowerdew is named as a rival candidate where John Paston gave the position to John Flowerdew and Margaret wanted Thomas Hakon. She wrote requesting that he, her husband has the Bishop call in the Parson Flowerdew, and that must be proclaimed in the church of Drayton three times by a dean, and after that if he appear not within six months after the first proclamation, that
then he was to be deprived. 

This is written in The Paston Letters By Alexander Ramsay, pg 187. He has an interesting footnote:

The beginning of this letter is curious, at it furnishes us with an account of the process to dispossess a parson of his church; What Flowerdcw had done to incur deprivation does not appear. John Flowerdew was instituted to the rectory of Drayton on the 15th of March, 1461, on the presentation of John Paston, Esq. and Thomas Howes, clerk. At the time that this and the foregoing letter was written, there was a dispute between the executors of Sir John Fastolf and the Duke of Suffolk concerning these estates at Drayton, Heylesdon.

There is one other reference to this Flowerdew in the book: Paston Family in the Fifteenth Century:  Fastolf's Will By Colin Richmond. Pg 142. An appropriate comment:

John Flowerdew seems to have been the Paston Candidate as late as 27 May (Davis I pp 302-3) and according to Blomefield (V p131I) it was Flowerdew who was, or became, at some unknown date, rector, However, in August, Thomas Hakon, parson of Felthorpe, was Margaret's choice (Davis I p315) perhaps Flowerdew had been appointed and then had
promptly died, as John Deubeney wrote to Margaret sometimes between May and August, "the parson that my master made last at Drayton ys deed'

What a beginning to the history of the Flowerdew line.

There's are a couple of generations that appear under probate records but nothing solid until the hated Flowerdew landlord John Flowerdew apprears in history and his seven sons including the Baron Edward. Even by the time Baron Edward comes along we are into the late 1500's when he dies. There are however, some Flowerdew names in
Norfolk at this time that I cannot match up. And a line that also is around Surrey in the 1500's.

I am a little surprised that there isn't more information on a family that has contributed so much to the history of Norfolk so I am compiling what I have into a publication. I would appreciate anyone that has researched the Flowerdew lines or
anyone that has access to the very early historical pedigrees to get in touch with me. Julie can be contacted by clicking here.


John Ireland has contacted the site about his family ties in the 1850s. John lives in Scotland and is finding the long distance research rather difficult. Anyone who can help him can e-mail him by clicking here


Roy Jackson has sent the site a number of reminiscences and details about his family which he feels might be useful.

Having found your site whilst researching my family who originated on my father's side from Hethersett, I hope I can open up a new family name to those that I find mentioned on your site.

My father, Edward Horace Jackson, was born in Hethersett in August 1914. He was son of the Blacksmith at the Smithy in Norwich Road, Horace Arthur Jackson, who had also been born in Hethersett in December 1886 son of John Jackson and Ellen. John Jackson was, as far as I can make out, a Coachbuilder and also had sons William (c1891), John (c1885), Alfred (who died in the First World War) and daughters Nellie, Edith (c 1882) and May (c 1890).

The iron bands around Kett's Oak, which we always used to see as we passed on the old A11, driving to visit my grandparents when I was a child, were replaced by my grandfather (HAJ) before he left Hethersett to live in Norwich. During the First World War he served as a blacksmith with the army in France and survived to return. I am not certain when he moved to live in Sandringham Road, Norwich, but he was definitely there in 1926 as his will is dated from that address and my father (EHJ) was then attending the City of Norwich School. My grandparents moved to live with my parents in Benson, Oxfordshire, in the early 1970s where they eventually died within a week of one another in 1980.

John Jackson (father of HAJ) also had a brother in Hethersett, Robert Jackson, known as "Bobbo". As far as I can make out he was born about 1863 and became a general labourer. All we know about their parents is that the mother was called Sarah.


Trudi Nicholls writes: Hello I was very pleased to find your site as I have recently started looking into my family tree on my mother's side The Tryphena Knapp listed below was my grandmother As a family the stayed very close to hethersett, the last generation living in Melton Road, Mill Road, The Turnpike Thank you for any help. Trudi lists her descendants as:

Stephen Knapp (1795C) married Elizabeth. Stephen Knapp (1838) married Elizabeth. Children - William Knapp (1866), Herbert Knapp (c1868), Frederick Knapp (c1870), Stephen Knapp (c1873).

William Knapp (1866) married on 16th January 1887 Laura Jane Brown (1868). Children George Knapp, Cecil Knapp (1889), Eva Knapp (1891), Matilda Knapp (1893), William Knapp (1894), George Knapp (1895), Archer (Archie) Knapp (1898), Charles Claude Knapp (1900, died 1900), Muriel Knapp (1902), Tryphena Knapp (1908).

Tryphena married twice - first unknown, second to John Rendle (1906).

Anyone that can help Trudi in her research can contact her by clicking here


Leigh Hay-Leblanc writes from Ontario: "I live in Canada and am working on my family history of the "Lake" family.

William Christmas Lake was born on December 25, 1801, christened January 10, 1802 in Framingham Earl, Norfolk. He was the son of William Thomas Lake and Susanna Ward. The 1851 Census for Norfolk gives the following information:

Address: New Road, Hethersett
Census Place: Hethersett, Henstead, Norfolk and 
lists William Christmas Lake, his wife Elizabeth T. and 8 children.

It is said that William Christmas Lake was married prior to Elizabeth but his first wife died and he remarried. A number of the older children are said to have been of his first wife but I have yet to find any proof of this. One son by the name of William Thomas Lake born about 1829 who is listed on the 1851
census, left England and came to Canada in 1852 where he settled in Newcastle, Ontario and where he remained for the rest of his life and is buried.

I have a picture postcard that a member of the family took in Hethersett when on a visit to the old family home in 1912 including Hethersett church where it is believed most of the Lake family are buried.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may be researching their roots from this same family and I would be more than willing to share my research.

Anyone may contact me by e-mail by clicking here. 


Sally Poulter (nee Smith writes):

I am trying to gather information for my family tree on my late mother's side. My mother came from Hethersett, her maiden name was JOYCE ADELAIDE LIVICK. My Grandfather lived in Hethersett and his name was WALTER LIVICK. He passed away about 40 years ago and I believe he was buried in the churchyard. I believe I may have an uncle and aunt in Hethersett, if they are still alive. My uncle's name I think may have been Edward, although he was referred to as Teddy Livick and his wife's name was Myrtle. If anyone has any information, I would be most grateful. Sally can be e-mailed by clicking here.

One other piece of information from Sally is that she remembers as a small child going to visit Walter Livick who had one leg and got about in a hand propelled type of wheelchair.


Della Lofty sent us a fascinating e-mail about her research into the family name that goes back hundreds of years. Della writes: "My family can be traced back hundreds of years in the village of Hethersett and married into most of the families there. I have compiled an online family tree, which may be of assistance to others who are researching Hethersett ancestors." 

The information is available on a special web site that is available by clicking here.


It is possible that there is a Hethersett link to the newest member of the Royal Family - Kate Middleton who has become the Duchess of Cambridge. Dr Keith Williams contacted us following the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton with the following information:

In the light of the Royal wedding are locals aware of the Middleton link to the village.

I enclose my connection to the mother of Carol Middleton and note that the connection to Hethersett is down the mothers side (not the fathers MIddletons).

My common ancestor is Joseph Middleton and using the records on your web he can be traced back a further two generation, his parents being John Middleton and Elizabth Fauks (from John and Mary Fauks).  John Middleton is listed as from Banham.

John Middleton and Elizabeth married at St Regemius on 8 Oct 1765 and had 13 children listed in the parish records all baptised in Hethersett. Of these Joseph baptised 26 April 1779 married Elizabeth Banyard, daughter of George Banyard and Parry Garwood on 28 August 1786.

In turn they had 13 children. I descended from Elizabeth and Kate Middletons mother from Sophia.  Joseph was an agricultural labourer in 1841 in Hethersett.

Elizabeth married David Stone in Hethersett on 13 April 1845 and they moved up to the North East and lived in Guisborough as did my line.

The cousins remained close and members of my line had Middleton as their middle name for 2 generations before  the families moved apart.

I am fifth cousin once removed to Kate.

I thought you might be interested in this local connection. I would be interested in hearing from others interested in this line. Given the number of children in the earlier generations there must be some connections.

Dr Williams then sent a further e-mail:

I can fill in some extra background too. I kept it brief because yesterday when I sent a note from a different link on the site it bounced back for some reason so I am glad it got through. I came down to Hethersett a few years ago but have progressed the research a lot since then and that was in the days before I knew of Kate Middleton !  I have seen other official genealogies and although  in one Joseph is mentioned nobody seems to have picked up much on the Middletons on the maternal side. Lots of Norfolk folk moved up to the North East to work. I was born in Middlesbrough. 

Anybody wishing to contact Dr Williams can do so by clicking here.


Pat Middleton writes:

I've traced my fathers' family tree back to Robert Middleton who was baptised in the Parish Church of Hethersett in July 1814. The record detailed below happened to be listed on a roots web site and was uncovered by a Canadian chap looking for links to his family tree.

My problem is I can't find any records of Susan and/or William although the words SoldierBart are entered on the list highlighted below in red.

As promised here are MIDDLETON baptisms in the Parish Church of Hethersett from 1813 to April 1832. There were more after this as well as some in the pre 1813 registers (not on preprinted forms), some of which are for the same
family(ies) as shown here but, I'm sorry, I'm not really researching MIDDLETON - I just did this because someone else was and I thought it might be useful.

Hope this helps someone.

LDS Film no 1526886

PageEntry No/Birthdate/Baptism Name/Relationship/Parents Mother's Maiden Name/ Abode/ Occupation/ ClericNote:

75318 July 1814RobertsonWilliam and SusanHethersettSoldierBart.Edwards/Rector

966WilliamsonBaker and ThamarHethersettLabourerBart. Edwards/Rector

1612510 Nov 1816BenjaminsonBaker and Thamar Hethersett Labourer John Edwards/Curate

2116115 Mar 1818Harrietdaur.Joseph and ElizabethHethersettLabourer John Edwards/Curate

262014 July 1819GeorgesonJohn and SarahWymondhamLabourerJohn Edwards/CurateTwins

262024 July 1819Francesdaur.John and SarahWymondhamLabourerJohn Edwards/CurateTwins

2822226 Dec 1819GeorgesonBaker and ThamarHethersettLabourerJohn Edwards/Curate

3210 Nov10 Dec 1820Elizabethdaur.Joseph and ElizabethBarnyard (Banyard?)HethersettLabourerP. J. Howman/Curate

371 Feb3 Mar 1822JamessonBaker and ThamarLeachHethersettLabourerJ.Day/Rector

3931111 Aug 1822Johnillegitimate sonSusanHethersettJ. Day/Rector

439 May8 June 1823Elizabethdaur.Joseph and ElizabethE. Banyard HethersettLabourerJ. Day/Rector

4434510 Sep12 Oct 1823JohnsonRobert and Mary(unreadable)Wymondham LabourerJ. Day/Rector

4434630 Sep13 Oct 1823Elizabethdaur.James and Rebecca (unreadable) HethersettJ. Day/Rector

4837919 Nov2 Dec 18??JohnsonBaker and ThamarT. LeachHethersett LabourerJ. Day/Rector

5720 Mar7 Apr 1827Matildadaur.Baker and ThamarT. LeachHethersett LabourerJ. Day/Rector

675347 Aug16 Aug 1829JeremiahsonBaker and ThamarT. LeachHethersett LabourerJ. Day/Rector

737 Apr8 MayJeremiahsonBaker and ThamarT. LeachHethersettLabourer J. Day/Rector

7520 Mar 182924 July 1831WilliamsonRobert and MaryM. HowesWymondham LabourerJ. Day/Rector 

8010 Mar22 Apr 1832NoahsonRobert and MaryM. HowesWymondhamLabourer J. Day/Rector


Cheryl is researching the Neve family of Hethersett, mainly Samuel Neve. 

Samuel was born in Hethersett in 1799 and his wife Mary was born in Hethersett in 1788. One of their sons was Jeremiah Neve born in Hethersett in 1823. 

The other children were James, George, Samuel, Mary and Elizabeth Neve. Cheryl would love to hear from anyone who recognises the Neve name. She can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Judith Adams has contacted us from Los Angeles with the following message:

Greetings from Los Angeles: I am trying to find Mrs. Marion Porter whom I believe lived at 5 Central Close in Heathersett about 5 years ago.

I believe her phone number was 811275 but that is no longer a correct number. She is my sister-in-law and I would like to communicate either with her or her sister, Hilda Adams, whose whereabouts I also do not know. Mrs. Porter also has a son, Bernard Gunther and a daughter Christina Kett (Mrs. Dennis Kett). 

Perhaps they are known in the village. Mrs Porter would be in her early eighties and was I believe the wife of a doctor. A Mr. and Mrs. Folger are also listed on the page giving me the Central Close address if that might help. Thank you so much for any help you can give me. 

Judith can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Rosalind Trevor (nee Randell) has been in touch and is looking to trace her grandfather whose name was Christopher Randell.

"Before I was married my name was Rosalind Randell. I have found all my grandmother's family who were the Lofty family, but I cannot find my grandfather whose name was Christopher Randell. I lived in Hethersett until I was 10, but my father lived there until he died in 2003 or 2004. I would like to find out a lot more about the family. I think my grandparents were married in the church.

If you have any information that can help Rosalind, she can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Katherine Ireland is researching into the Reynolds family and writes: My great grandmother Emma Tuttle (born Hethersett 1864) married Joshua John Reynolds (born in Little Melton 1868) in Hethersett in August 1894. They 
lived on Melton Road in Hethersett where their son, my grandfather Reginald Robert Reynolds also lived with his wife Florence.

I would be grateful of any information anyone has about this family and in  particular any information on the children of my grandparents. I know they had a daughter, my aunt and a son, my father but they reportedly had approx 3 more children (possible infant deaths) and an adopted son (my uncle) - I am particularly interested in this adoption. Katherine can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Marj Cowie contacted us as part of her search for the Sewell family

I am looking for any information about the family of Samuel and Mary SEWELL who were, according to the 1851 Census, living at Hethersett Hall. Samuel at that time had 160 acres of land and was employing 5 labourers and one boy. His children were Mary Ann, Sophia, Arthur, Louisa, George, William. Hope someone can help.

Marj can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Kenneth Tancock writes:

I have been trying to find information about my family's past when I happened upon a board that stated that there was a possible family member in this town. The listed name was Pam Tancock as the district commissioner. Any information on the last name Tancock would be greatly welcomed.

Kenneth can be contacted by clicking here.


Margaret Holland has written to us about her ancestors the Throwers from Hethersett:
I am the only child of Arthur, Henry Thrower and Millicent Winifred Hird. I was born in the  Middlesex Hospital in Mortimer  St , London, England. My father was a member of The London Stock Exchange and served in the Britsh Army in WW1 and WW2. I am descended from William Thomas Thrower and Elizabeth Amelia Cockerton of Hethersett, Norfolk, England. My grandfather walked the 118 miles from Norfolk to London where he became a pastry cook in Mansion House, which is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London. I was educated at Queen Elizabeth's Girls' Grammar School in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England. I have created a , " Thrower Family Tree " group on Facebook and invite anybody who is interested to join

Margaret Ruth Holland ( formerly Thrower)



Andy Whitfield writes from Southall, Middlesex.

I am trying to trace a family decendent - One Emma Turner (married name) born in Hethersett, Norfolk, 1837. Emma's maiden name is likely to be Warman and Emma married Thomas Francis Turner sometime around December 1863 (Henstead Hundred/possibly Hethersett itself).

I'd would love to find any information on her or her family-
Also if the family still lives in or around Hethersett today. 
Andy can be e-mailed by clicking here.


Nora Van de Moortel has written this from Belgium.


I am a Belgian citizen trying to get information about Michael Colin De Keyser who must have lived in Hethersett (When?).

I know he collected a lot of documents about Sir Polydore De Keyser. This Belgian born ancestor of mine, was Lord Mayor of London in 1887.

Can you help me to find M. C. De Keyser? If so please click here.


Kathleen Whitehouse has contacted us regarding the Woods family and writes:

I am looking to trace relatives of Hethersett. Their name is Woods and they lived in Lynch Green in the cottages behind Lynch Green House. Aunt Sybil (as she was known to me then lived there). She was also aunt to my Uncle Reg Woods. I think he was on the parish. In 1964 David their son was born. My aunt became ill around 1966 and I came to live in Hethersett to look after David and start him at school in the village.

I left in 1969 to get married. In 1970 Aunt Gladys died and I returned for the funeral, but cannot remember which church. (but I remember uncle Reg's mother being buried there too.)

I would like to know if anyone remembers them. I can't remember the number of the cottage only that it had a conservatory on the back. I enjoyed my time time in Hethersett and one day would like to return to walk where I once did and look at the changes.

If anyone can help me with any information or pictures I would be thrilled.

Update: Kathleen has contacted us again to say she has met with considerable success:

"I thought I would write and let you know my latest news. As you may remember I was looking for my Woods relatives from Hethersett. A Mr Ken Woods contacted me who is a relative of my Uncle. He sent me the Woods family tree and loads of pics of them. He also sent me pics of Aunty Sybil and Ruby who lived in Lynch Green House, and pics of the old house inside and out. They all bought back so many happy memories. 


Beverly Montgomery writes from Goderich in Canada for information on Sarah Woolhay. Bev writes: "

I am looking for information on a Sarah Woolhay b.1831 (at least that is the way it is spelt on the IGI).

She married George Foyster.  George and Sarah resided in Norwich and as far as I can tell they had at least three children. Sarah Ann, Ellen Maria (married Frank Robert Want in 1892], and Emma Elizabeth [ Emma passed away in 1882 at the age of 11].

I know that Sarah Woolhay was born in Hethersett so I am hoping that there may be someone out there who may know of her family or at the very least point me in the right direction.



Below I will build up a list of useful genealogy sites

Norfolk Roots

The Norfolk Roots magazine is published by Archant in association with the Eastern Daily Press newspaper and contains articles on Norfolk genealogy and history. It has a web site which can be accessed by clicking here