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Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT)

George is a Local Hero



Hethersett's George Beckford is the Environment Champion of the Year. 

George is the first winner of a new category in the Norwich Evening News' Local Heroes Awards presented for outstanding contribution to communities. 

The new award, which celebrates someone who has helped the environment, was collected on George's behalf by Heather Williamson who nominated him as George was on his way to visit his daughter in New York.

George, who lives in Grove Road, is a founder member of the Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT).

"He's a great guy and he will be absolutely thrilled to win. HEAT members are all over the moon that he has won," Heather said.

She said that under George's leadership and enthusiasm the team organises regular litter picks, maintains flower beds and hanging baskets and carries out tree pruning and site clearing as well as making many other improvements to the village's environment.

"George has been a strong and popular leader. He has encouraged all ages to take part in our work, including scouts, brownies, pupils and parents of the school and many others. George has endless energy and the HEAT team is proud of him," Heather said, adding that George encourages villagers to be proud of their gardens by starting up the Hethersett in Bloom competition which led to the village being entered into the Anglia in Bloom competition for which the village has been awarded two bronze and a silver certificate.

For more HEAT news click here

To read more about the evening's ceremony visit the Evening News' web site by clicking here.


The Hethersett Environmental Action Group (HEAT) consistently looks at ways of enhancing the beauty of our village.

The group looks at practical ways of improving the environment and also undertakes regular litter picks of the village.

It also clears up unsatisfactory areas and installs tubs in suitable places where they can be watered regularly and maintained. They also keep wildlife areas clear of debris.

They also oversee the annual Hethersett in Bloom competition.

In June 2005 the group was asked by Woodside First School to help improve the grounds and to involve pupils in this. Volunteers subsequently attended the school on three days to clear and weed beds and attend to a potential wildflower area. Plants were brought in by both the school and HEAT and 40 pupils planted them. The group plan to return to carry out more work in the autumn with a monthly maintenance programme also being worked out.

News From Heat:

February 2007

The HEAT is well and truly on in Hethersett. 

For the Hethersett Environmental Action Team is looking for more help in its attempts to spruce the village up ready for spring and summer. 

The group regularly looks at ways of enhancing the beauty of the village and improving the environment by undertaking litter picks, clearing up unsatisfactory areas and keeping wildlife areas clear of debris. 

Now it is looking for additional help from those willing to “give an hour or two occasionally.” 

Already youngsters from the village have indicated their willingness to help, but there is plenty of opportunity for others to pitch in as HEAT member George Beckford explained: 

“Some scouts have indicated their willingness to help, but there is plenty to do including litter picks, digging and planting and taking part in the village summer open gardens scheme,” George said, adding that the group also oversees the annual Hethersett in Bloom competition. 

HEAT is looking to make Hethersett a “Green Community.” 

“We are all aware of climate change and the need for Government, local authorities and businesses to take positive steps, but we can all contribute to doing something about this calamity. We are asking local people to think about their every day functions and how they can reduce waste and energy demands. Reduced energy equals reduced bills,” George added. 

For further information on the HEAT group, George Beckford can be contacted on Norwich 811433. 

                                                  *                                *                       *

DATELINE - February 21st, 2007

Environmentalists and children in Hethersett are uniting to help clean up the local environment. 

The Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT) is made up of volunteers who, for the past six years, have been carrying out numerous environmental improvements to the village. 

Now they are looking to do more and for some time have been helping Woodside First School to clean up, place bird boxes and plant flowers and shrubs. 

“Only a few of our members can manage school hours, so we are hoping to extend our support by uniting with the Friends of the School group,” said HEAT member George Beckford. 

Their first job has been arranged for Thursday 1st March at 9.30 a.m when they will tidy up the lime walk, place hedgehog boxes and plant more shrubs. Any volunteers are welcome. 

“We are also looking to unite with others. Scouts and Guides have both indicated their desire to assist and we are looking forward to our community uniting so that everyone can benefit from what we do,” Mr Beckford added.

DATELINE - March 2007

Volunteers from Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT) and Friends of Woodside First School got together at the beginning of March to work on the school grounds. 

A new bed was cut and others tidied up. Shrubs were pruned and hedgehog boxes installed over a number of hours. 

A few days later HEAT was joined by 10 youngsters from the village scout troop to dig and clear two flower beds in Great Melton Road at the junction with Glengarry Close. These beds will be planted with 27 roses in memory of Tom Kirkup who for many years organised the local pensioners’ association. 

Tidying up along the kerb and footpath was also carried out. 

“We were very appreciative of all those who contributed to an excellent morning’s work,” said Chairman of Hethersett Parish Council George Beckford, who is also a leading member of HEAT. 

The HEAT group is also expanding. At a meeting on 7th March, a number of new volunteers came forward to volunteer for future litter picks and environmental work.   

DATELINE - July 9th, 2007

The latest clear-up and litter pick by Hethersett Environmental Action Team was successful in more ways than one.

It was devoted to cleaning up the route that will be taken by the judges in the coming Anglia in Bloom competition and some unusual objects were found on the way.

“We hope that the improvements we have made in the last year will add to our grading in the competition. We never know just what we are going to find during the litter picks and this occasion was no exception,” said HEAT’s George Beckford.

Firstly a torn, dirty envelope was picked up and found to contain a substantial cheque for the General Medical Council and this has been forwarded to them. Then a grey business card book containing between 50 and 60 business cards with addresses across the country and overseas was also found.

“There is no indication as to whom it belongs to but it must have been missed by its owner,” George added.

The owner can reclaim his or her property by contacting George Beckford on 01603 811433.  

DATELINE - August 1st, 2007

Hethersett’s Environmental Action Team (HEAT) will be holding a compost day on 22nd September to further enhance the look of the village. 

A variety of composts and manures will be mixed at the home of HEAT member George Beckford in Grove Road and then sacks will be filled and transported to various locations in the village to be spread on planted beds by volunteers. 

Full details of the day will be discussed at HEAT’s next meeting which will take place on 5th September at 8 p.m in Hethersett Methodist Church. The group’s next village litter pick will take place at Saturday 1st September. New volunteers will be very welcome and the group will meet outside the Methodist Church at 10 a.m. Tabards, gloves, sacks and litter picking equipment will be supplied. 

HEAT will also have a stall and display at the Clubs and Societies Event in Hethersett Village Hall on Saturday 29th September

Dateline - October 1st 2007

A Hethersett environmental group is looking for new volunteers to keep up with its workload. 

The Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT) holds regular litter picks around the village and also undertakes numerous other environmentally friendly tasks. 

“The more environmental improvements that are carried out, the more maintenance work is increased. With the passage of time some older volunteers are finding the more physical aspects of the work difficult. We are looking for people who can occasionally give up a little of their time,” said HEAT member George Beckford. 

The next litter pick in Hethersett organised by the group will take place on 27th October. Volunteers are welcome and should meet outside the Methodist Church at 10 a.m. Previous to this HEAT members will be planting bulbs in Kett’s Close from 10 a.m on Saturday (6th October). Again volunteers are needed and are asked to turn up with a spade. 

HEAT’s next meeting will be in the Methodist Church at 8 p.m on 31st October when the group will be discussing ways to attract volunteers as well as looking at the concept of a green village. The latter topic will look at ways of making Hethersett more energy efficient by reducing carbon emissions. To this end HEAT will be working with the Energy Saving Trust. 

“HEAT believes that all of us should be looking to take measures to help,” Mr Beckford said.




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