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Memories of the Lake Family

Memories of Hethersett spread far and wide. Leigh Hay-Leblanc contacted the site from Ontario in Canada in search of the Lake family.

William Christmas Lake was born on December 25th, 1801, christened January 10th, 1802 in Framingham Earl. He was the son of William Thomas Lake and Susanna Ward. The 1851 Census for Norfolk gives the following information:

Address: New Road, Hethersett
Census Place: Hethersett, Henstead, Norfolk and 
lists William Christmas Lake, his wife Elizabeth T. and 8 children.

It is said that William Christmas Lake was married prior to Elizabeth but his first wife died and he remarried. A number of the older children are said to have been of his first wife. One son by the name of William Thomas Lake was born about 1829 and is listed on the 1851
census. He left England for Canada in 1852 where he settled in Newcastle, Ontario and where he remained for the rest of his life and is buried.

Click on the photos above to see larger images

Leigh kindly sent us a picture postcard taken by a member of the family in Hethersett when on a visit to the old family home in 1912. The inside of the home gives us an indication of the living style of local people in the early years of the 20th century. There is also an image of Hethersett Church where it is believed most of the Lake family are buried.. These are reproduced below with Leigh's kind permission. 

The postcards pictured above are addressed to Lida and family. Lida was Leigh's great grandmother Elida Florence Lake born 1865, daughter of William Thomas Lake who came to Canada in 1852. Cousin Charlotte who sent these in 1912 was apparently visiting the area and stopped by the house and had the postcards done at that time. It is interesting that she says Col. Back bought the house from their grandparents Lake and still owned it at the time these pictures were taken.

We have transcribed to the best of our ability the wording on the postcards. Some of it is difficult to read but the writing is along the lines of the following:

Postcard One:  "Litch gate in distance and it is so pretty - was so glad to be able to see and visit all these old places where our parents were born and raised. It's a lovely pretty town and  ??????? in its summer beauty."

Postcard Two: "Everything in this room is very old and all is beautifully clean. Col Back bought home off Grandfather Lake and still miss it. I was delighted looking in the old house and surroundings."

Postcard Three: "Just imagined your father - my mother and Aunt Maria playing in this room when little children. All were born in this old house and it is a well preserved state and beautifully clean. So glad I could see it."