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Looking For

If you are looking for somebody with Hethersett connections, you can make an appeal on this section of the web site. We have already met with success in re-uniting friends and relatives as the article below shows.


Angela Kift

Patsy Nicholls contacted us with the following request:: "I am an ex Norfolk resident. What I am 

hoping your community will be able to help me with, is finding out about a friend of mine, whose parents, when I emigrated to Australia, were living in Hethersett.

I think at the time my friend was working in Bristol, although prior to that she worked with me at Rowntree Mackintosh, Chapel Field Norwich.

Her name was Angela Kift, I heard she may have married in the village in 1984. We lost contact when I moved overseas, in 1980.  I think her father's name was John, but not sure, in those days friends parents were known as Mr & Mrs. She was my bridesmaid when I married in 1967 at St Mary's Tasburgh, we had our reception at the Queens Head, Hethersett.

Please if it is possible to get any information, it will be greatly appreciated. I plan to visit the UK in the near future and would love to be able to see Angela again.


Patricia Nicholls {known as Patsy}



Patsy subsequently sent us the photograph above with the following words:

Just found a photo taken at my wedding, the two people I have my arms round are Mr & Mrs Kift, Angela is sitting to the left. Thought this might be useful in my search, hopefully someone will recognize them.

After a few days of investigation Patsy contacted us to say that she had been in touch with a "very surprised" Angela and they are now exchanging e-mails. Her message read:

Thank you for your help in tracing my friend, I was able to speak to a very shocked Angela tonight and we have exchanged email addresses.

We subsequently received the following from Angela's husband Rodney:

I am very pleased to confirm that the insert from Patsy Nicholls who was trying to trace Angela Kift was successful and they have now been in contact after some 40 years or thereabouts.

I am Angela's husband and we would like to thank Peter Steward for going to such lengths to establish contact. 

It just goes to show what the internet can do. Thanks to everyone who assisted in this task.

Rodney and Angela Timson.

Dr Ran Laurie

Now we have a new request regarding a former Hethersett doctor following an e-mail received from Jennifer Gwilliam which reads as follows:

I collect the rowing career of W.G.R.M (Ran) Laurie, who rowed for Cambridge in the 1930s, and won a gold medal at the 1948 Olympics in London. 

As part of this, I am trying to make a physical tribute to him, for the collection, and am looking for items and information for this project. I am hoping to make a trip to the UK in the not too distant future, to further my goals, but am first trying to gain as much information as possible.

I understand that Dr. Laurie died in Hethersett on September 19, 1998, and I am wondering if you might know where he was buried, or where any records of such things might be located. It was my understanding that he was living in this location with his second wife at the time of his death, although for many years he had worked as a GP in Oxford. I would very much like to visit his grave, and to pay homage to the man who has had a profound effect on my life.

If you have any information, photos, or anything that may help me with my research, or in determining where I need to go if I am able to visit, I would be most grateful. I have collected many things toward making the tribute, but still have a few areas yet to cover.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Gwilliam

If anybody can help Jennifer please contact us by e-mailing here and we will pass the information on. Alternately Jennifer can be e-mailed direct by clicking here.