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Memories of Roy Jackson 

Having found your site whilst researching my family who originated on my father's side from Hethersett, I hope I can open up a new family name to those that I find mentioned on your site.

My father, Edward Horace Jackson, was born in Hethersett in August 1914. He was son of the Blacksmith at the Smithy in Norwich Road, Horace Arthur Jackson, who had also been born in Hethersett in December 1886 son of John Jackson and Ellen. John Jackson was, as far as I can make out, a Coachbuilder and also had sons William (c1891), John (c1885), Alfred (who died in the First World War) and daughters Nellie, Edith (c 1882) and May (c 1890).

The iron bands around Kett's Oak, which we always used to see as we passed on the old A11, driving to visit my grandparents when I was a child, were replaced by my grandfather (HAJ) before he left Hethersett to live in Norwich. During the First World War he served as a blacksmith with the army in France and survived to return. I am not certain when he moved to live in Sandringham Road, Norwich, but he was definitely there in 1926 as his will is dated from that address and my father (EHJ) was then attending the City of Norwich School. My grandparents moved to live with my parents in Benson, Oxfordshire, in the early 1970s where they eventually died within a week of one another in 1980.

John Jackson (father of HAJ) also had a brother in Hethersett, Robert Jackson, known as "Bobbo". As far as I can make out he was born about 1863 and became a general labourer. All we know about their parents is that the mother was called Sarah.