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Memories of Hethersett

Andy Jones wrote to us with his memories of growing up in Hethersett:

"I was born in Hethersett and grew up there until I left in the early 1980s. I have loads of recollections of the village in the 1960s and 70s. We lived in Westcroft at the time and I can clearly remember playing in the fields which are now covered by Recreation Road, Firs Road and Pond Close.

At the back of what is now Pond Close there was a pond (I guess that's where they got the name_ and an old barn. I remember collecting frog spawn from the pond with my older sister and can remember the barn. Of course it was all covered by new housing and the barn was knocked down.

I'd love to know more about the barn and the pond? Who had owned the land and who farmed it etc?

I've mentioned it to my now elderly parents and they have no recollection of a building there but you could see it from our house in Westcroft across the fields. I remember it being a tan colour and very derelict. I guess the road access for the place was via The Loke off New Road. There was also a footpath through to Southcroft where my grandmother lived. I think that Lokeway is now blocked as parts of it form people's back gardens. The village was much different then!

If anyone can help Andy with any information he can be e-mailed by clicking here.