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Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust

Financial Accounts 2013


Hethersett has a  Memorial Playing Field Trust dedicated to ensuring the best use of the Memorial Field for all residents from sports clubs to individuals. Details of the current trustees along with information and minutes of meetings can be found below.

The stated aim of the Memorial Playing Field Trust is to administer Hethersett Memorial Playing Field for the benefit of the residents of the parish of Hethersett.

This section of the web site will be used to keep you informed of events on the Memorial Field and steps to improve the area.

There are seven trustees, four of whom were elected at the annual parish meeting and three of whom have been appointed by Hethersett Parish Council.

Trustees are as follows:


Peter Hoult Chairman Elected Trustee
Peter Steward Secretary Elected Trustee
David Chambers Treasurer Elected Trustee
Mel Perkins MBE   Elected Trustee
Kathy Floyd   Parish Council appointed
Rob Reeve   Parish Council appointed
Dr Anne Edwards   Parish Council appointed

Minutes of Meetings

Copies of minutes of the Memorial Playing Field Trust will be posted here. Just click on the links below.












The next meeting of the Trustees will take place in Hethersett Queen's Head in April on a date to be set.


Diary of Events

The playing field is the home of a number of Hethersett sports clubs including Hethersett Athletic Football Club, Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club, Hethersett Playing Field Bowls Club, Hethersett Croquet Club  and Hethersett Social Running Club. In addition a number of public events are held throughout the year. Coming events include the following:

The 2014 Come and Try Sports event will take place on Saturday July 5th. Hethersett Athletic's annual ladies five-a-side tournament will take place on Sunday July 6th.

 News From the Playing Field 

March 2013


Community Shelter Consultation - Hethersett Memorial Playing Field is looking to set-up a community shelter for use by all ages. A number of designs are being considered with the cost of the shelter being met from a variety of grants. The Playing Field Trustees are looking for comments on the most suitable structure and are particularly interested in hearing from young people. At the top of this article are examples of the shelters being considered. If you have a preference please let us know by clicking here and we will pass any comments on to the Memorial Playing Field Trustees. Plans are also moving ahead with regards to extensive renovation and extension to the playing field pavilion. We will keep you informed on this.



March 2013

Pavilion Improvements - A number of village groups are working together to improve and extend the pavilion facilities on Hethersett Memorial Playing Field. Hethersett Parish Council, Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust, Hethersett and the Meltons' Sports Association and Hethersett Olympic Legacy Committee are working alongside Norfolk County Council, South Norfolk Council, Sport England and other bodies to greatly improve the existing facilities. Plans will include additional sports changing facilities, toilets accessible from the outside, a new kitchen and improved shower facilities and improved access for the disabled. We will keep you updated on progress.


February 2013


Dog Mess Problem - We have been contacted by a local resident complaining about the increase in dog mess around the village. This was a subject also brought up at the latest meeting of the trustees of the Memorial Playing Field and has once again become a problem. The resident states:  "I have a one year old daughter so in the last year have found that I walk more around the village and to the amenities. Unfortunately in the last month I have experienced and noticed the more frequent occurrences of dog mess on the pavements. In the course of just two days I had ridden my pram through dog mess no less than three times. This is something that in the past I have not even had to think to look out for on the pavements as I hadn’t come across it as people are “meant” to pick it up.  This was absolutely awful for me to have to clean up and fortunately my daughter doesn’t walk yet so wouldn’t have trodden in it."

September 2012

Simon Floyd has resigned as chair of Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust and his place has been taken by Peter Hoult. Peter Steward has taken on the role of secretary and David Chambers continues as treasurer. Simon was thanked for all his work on behalf of the playing field at the latest meeting. A vacancy now exists for a new trustee

March 2012

Plans for the future of Hethersett Memorial Playing Field were discussed at the second of two special workshops at the weekend. 

Representatives from numerous village groups including Hethersett Jubilee Youth Club, Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trustees, Hethersett Society, Hethersett Environmental Action Team, Hethersett Pensioners’ Association, Hethersett Parish Council, Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Bowls Club, Hethersett Athletic Football Club and Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club got together at Woodcote Sheltered Housing complex to discuss enhancing and improving the field as a place of play and recreation for all ages. 

The workshop, which was led by Community Design Group The Glass-House, was part of an ongoing planning process looking at all the public open spaces in the village. 

“We want to recognise the heritage of the playing field and make it a welcoming place with more recreational facilities for all ages,” said chair of Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trustees Simon Floyd. 

The meeting discussed short, medium and long term aims for the land which is used by sports clubs and the public. This year saw the opening of new play equipment and one of the major pushes over the next few years will be to provide a purpose built and eco friendly sports and community hall to replace the current outdated and poor facilities. 

In the short term the trustees will be looking to set-up a Friends of the Field support group, improve communication with residents, find out what facilities young people would like to see, enhance sports facilities and set aside an area for petanque. 

Other aims include putting together a wildlife strategy for the area, providing a peripheral walk around the outside of the field, increasing car parking, additional tree and plant planting and incorporating the field into a general village green spaces strategy. Other matters discussed included additional seating and picnic areas, a sensory and memorial garden, memorial plaques, landscaping and a cultural area for outdoor plays and events. 

“We want to provide a playing field that is right for Hethersett and which improves local people’s health and well being,” Simon Floyd added.


March 2012

Bright Future for Memorial Field - Hethersett Residents have been making their views known about the future use of the village’s Memorial Playing Field. The first of two special workshops was held at Woodcote Sheltered Housing complex with representatives from the Hethersett Environmental Action Team, Woodcote, Hethersett Parish Council, South Norfolk District Council, Norfolk Constabulary, Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust and Hethersett Green Spaces Group discussing ways to enhance and improve the field. A second workshop will be held at Woodcote on March 25th from noon.

“The idea is for a plan to be formulated following the workshops. One of the major points to come out of the first event is that the field must be a place that encourages play. Additional seating and improved design and celebrating the history and heritage of the field were also high on the agenda,” said Chair of Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust and Hethersett Parish Councillor Simon Floyd.

The event was led by community design charity the Glass House and included an assessment of the current field, a discussion on future priorities, details of best practice and a discussion on key issues.

“The Glass House group is the country’s leading experts in helping local groups to take a creative approach to green space design, By the end of the workshops we will have a plan for the field which will embrace the needs of the whole community. We will be looking to develop the field into a place we can all be proud of,” Simon Floyd added.

Spaces on the second workshop are limited to 30 and can be booked through Simon Floyd on 0789 6781574 or via e-mail at


February 2012

Olde English Fete for Memorial Field - Hethersett will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with an Olde English Jubilee Fayre on Sunday June 3rd on the Memorial Playing Field. To read the full story and find out how you can become involved in the project click here.


Memorial Playing Field Workshops - Have your say in the future of Hethersett Memorial Playing Field. The village is organising two community workshops on March 4th and March 25th. To read about this click here.


January 2012

Canary Opens New Play Equipment



Norwich City footballer Andrew Surman officially opened new play equipment on Hethersett Memorial Playing Field on January 25th as part of the village pledge day.

Canary Andrew went on to make his own pledge in the Active Norfolk Pledge Pod in Woodside School promising to help Norwich City stay in the Premier Division.

The equipment and surrounding fencing has been made possible through the hard work of the Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust and grants from Veolia Environmental Trust, the Geoffrey Watling Foundation and the South Norfolk Neighbourhood Scheme.  The new equipment includes adventure climbing towers, multiplay units, a carousel, a playhouse, a playbus, a springer, trim trail and a mushroom seat.

Villagers, councillors, representatives from  village groups and children from Woodside School came together to see Andrew Surman cut the ribbon to officially open the new equipment.

Guests were welcomed by Memorial Playing Field Trust Chairman and Hethersett Parish Councillor Simon Floyd who thanked the sponsors for their generosity and highlighted coming community workshops which will be held in March to discuss future use of the playing field. He also pointed out that an Old English fair will be held on the field on June 3rd as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Head teacher from Woodside Infant and Junior School Nicola Cushion praised the new equipment: "It's the first place the children head for when school finishes," she said.

Andrew Surman also praised the efforts of all those involved in providing the new equipment: "This is a great focal point for the village and I'm sure my children will be playing on the equipment for many years to come," he said.

Executive Director of The Veolia Environmental Trust, Margaret Cobbold said: “It is great to hear that all the work has now been completed and the new playground is already being enjoyed by so many children.

“Playgrounds provide children with a great foundation for development. This new playground will enable children to develop their physical and social skills, while letting their imaginations run wild.”


November 2011

Facelift at the Memorial 

Hethersett Memorial Playing Field is undergoing a major facelift with tree planting and new play equipment just two of the features being put into place over the next few weeks.

Work will start shortly to provide new play equipment which will include adventure climbing towers within a multiplay unit, a carousel, a playhouse, play bus, springer, trim trail, picnic table and a mushroom seat.

The new equipment has been partly funded through grants from Veolia, the Geoffrey Watling Foundation and the South Norfolk Neighbourhood Scheme. Veolia's executive director Margaret Cobbold welcomed the Hethersett scheme: "We support community and environmental projects across the UK and it is one of our priorities to support the creation of spaces for play. I look forward to seeing the work get underway,” she said.  

In addition to the play equipment, 17 new trees will be planted in the field before the end of the year to help enhance the environment. Other enhancements on the park in the future could include a wildlife area, petanque pitch, a new memorial telling the history of the park and additional landscaping.

It is also hoped to set-up a new Friends of the Park group to help organise events. Hethersett Memorial Playing Field is currently the home of three sports clubs - Hethersett Athletic Football Club, Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club and Hethersett memorial Field Bowls Club.

Next year will see major international cycle speedway fixtures, an Olympic themed open weekend, a come and try sports evening and a number of other events on the field:

"We want to make the Memorial Playing field the focal point for the village and we are very excited by what has already been achieved and what can be achieved in the future," said chair of the Memorial Playing Field Trust and Hethersett Parish Councillor Simon Floyd.

The field is also looking for a park warden. This is a vouluntary position but includes an honorarium. Duties include

The Veolia Environmental Trust has been supporting community and environmental projects for over 12 years. Under the Landfill Communities Fund , landfill site operators can donate a percentage , currently 6.2%, of their landfill tax payment to these projects. Since the Trust was established in 1997 , Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc has supported it by contributions of over £46 million to 1250 projects.  

The Trust has helped fund a diverse range of projects , including the repair of woodland footpaths , the renovation of community halls and the installation of playgrounds and play areas. For more information , or to find out how to apply for funding , visit the Trust’s website by clicking here.

The Geoffrey Watling Trust was established in 1993 and distributes grants to worthy projects in Norfolk and the Waveney Valley in Suffolk. It is run by a board of trustees in memory of Norfolk businessman Geoffrey Watling. The Geoffrey Watling Trust has a web site which can be accessed by clicking here.

The South Norfolk Neighbourhood Scheme provides grants and funding for local initiatives in South Norfolk and is run by South Norfolk Council.


August 2011

The Memorial Playing Field Trust is liaising with police and local residents regarding anti-social behaviour on the field, particularly after dark.

The Trust is looking to engage fully with young people using the park with a view to providing them with additional facilities. The Trust is looking at a variety of ideas including an outdoor fitness gym and a concrete table tennis facility. It is also looking to have the park lights turned off and have the park locked up after dusk and also to "employ" a volunteer park keeper. Other improvements being looked at include a proper concrete apron in front of the existing pavilion.

Trustees will also be looking to engage with schools, youth groups, residents and the public to find out what they would like to see on the park. Schemes already being discussed include the possibility of extending and improving or even replacing the existing pavilion, tree planting, introducing a wildlife area and sensory garden and supplying additional toiled facilities for use by the bowls and cycle speedway clubs. It is also hoped to have a proper memorial to those who set the park up via public subscription in the 1950s.

The field is now hosting major events including playing a large part in the recent village Olympic Open Weekend and hosting British cycle speedway semi-finals and finals over the coming August Bank Holiday weekend.

Playing Field Cheque Presentation

A cheque for over £500 has been presented to Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust by residents of Woodcote Sheltered Housing Association from their recent open day.

Resident Richard Headicar is pictured above presenting the cheque for £502.18 to Memorial Playing Field Trust chair Simon Floyd. Also in the photograph are Woodcote Manager Stephen Baxter and Hethersett Parish Councillor Viv Hawes.

The open day was part of the village Olympic weekend and the money will be put towards a specific project:

"Amongst the items the Trust are looking at are a memorial, a concrete table tennis facility, park benches, additional play equipment and an outdoor gym. We will certainly use the money wisely and will be finding out what park users would like to see on the field," Simon Floyd said.