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Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday, 23 June 2011 in the Memorial Field Pavilion


1          Introduction and thanks

Present: Simon Floyd, David Chambers, Peter Hoult, Eileen Mulvaney, Peter Steward, Mel Perkins

Apologies: Rob Reeve

The new committee members wish to thank the previous trustees for their diligence and hard work in bringing the park up to a more acceptable condition


2          Appointment of trustees

There are four elected trustees - David Chambers, Peter Hoult, Peter Steward, Mel Perkins, and three members nominated by Hethersett Parish Council - Simon Floyd, Eileen Mulvaney, Rob Reeve.

A trustee’s acceptance form was given to each member present and thereby signed and dated

Peter H to pass one on to Rob R

Peter H will arrange with the Charity Commission for renewed access to their online facilities and notification of trustees details, this will take between 5 and 15 days to achieve and amend


4          Election of officers

Chairman Simon Floyd
Treasurer David Chambers
Secretary Peter Hoult

5          Roles and responsibilities of trustees

The trustees agree to maintain the park and provide facilities for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Hethersett.

The trustees are keen for park users to have a voice and be represented by the committee

Once accessible, the Charity Commission guidance facilities will be distributed to all trustees for their perusal


6          Antisocial behaviour

Simon F will enquire about the possibility of turning off the street lighting along the park pathway

Peter H will investigate the car park barrier situation

Peter S will contact Tony Dunton with regard to monitoring security issues

Eileen M will go into the whys and wherefores of the recycle facility – who supplies it, how often collected, whether more secure bottle containers could be offered

Simon F will contact Ian Weetman re current refuse collecting contractors

Peter S has asked Mr Diggens, who lives adjacent to the car park, to keep a log of any nuisance

Peter H will set up an incident log

Mel P will send Peter H a complaints procedure form for the trustees’ use


7          Maintenance and checks

Hethersett Athletic football club currently employ someone to tidy and clean the pavilion after each weekend of fixtures

Simon F will ask Mr Meakins for any keys/padlocks still in his possession so that we can make a keyholders log

Peter H will check the maintenance contract with Dale Watson.

David C will contact Tim Stubbs re inspection arrangements for the play equipment

Eileen M will ask a friend if he could possibly produce a draft scale plan of the park area

Peter H will produce a plan of the play equipment area

Peter S will contact Tony Dunton with regard to ongoing pavilion repairs


8          Finance and banking

The three signatories required for the new bank account with Barclays are Simon, David and Peter H

David is in the process of  starting the new account up

Bank correspondence – 1st addressee – David

   2nd addressee – Peter H

Simon to ask Mr Meakins for a record of transactions

David will draw up a list of invoices to be paid so that Mr Meakins can issue cheques from the old account

Simon will ask if there has been a recent audit

Peter H will find out who needs to be informed of the change of trusteeship

We intend to continue with the NPFA membership


9          Fundraising

Simon will find out about precise land ownership

Simon will investigate the whereabouts of the many ‘charity boxes’

David will chase up the Veolia funding for future play equipment


10          Tenancy agreements

A full and frank discussion was held with regard to the contentious issues of the previous agreements. It was decided that we should start on a firm footing and make sure that all points are adequately covered for the benefit of the HMPFT, sports clubs, park users, and future hiring opportunities.

Simon has asked the NPF solicitor (free) for a possible draft agreement which may or may not suit the purpose


11          Future planning

Simon will start a draft plan to allow the HMPFT to nurture and fulfil ways to enable future creative use of the field

Hethersett Hawks have a major national event in August and the HMPFT will aim to use this event to promote the use of the park


12     AOB

Simon will contact Andre Smith who has shown interest in promoting events on the park

Simon will contact a rep from Sure Start re use of play equipment for their group

Peter S will follow up an offer from the district Lions with regard to the provision of a lasting memorial for the ‘memorial’ park

Simon will talk to James Rice regarding publicity for the park during next month’s Olympic weekend taking place on the park itself


13     Next meeting

Monday 25th July 7.30pm, at the pavilion