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Environment and Charity are Winners


The environment and charity have both benefited from this year’s Hethersett open gardens and garden awards presentation events. 

The open gardens event attracted 15 participants and well over 200 members of the public who were guided to the gardens by colourful scarecrows once again put together by Dr Anne Edwards. 

The event raised over £385 for charity with cheques for £170.25 going to the village parochial charity and the Caroline Lindley Trust which gives grants to help local people aged between 18 and 25 in further education. There was also a cheque for £45 for St Remigius Parish Church. 

Running alongside the open gardens event was a number of competitions judged by Cathryn Waldron from the National Council for Conservation of Plants and Gardens. 

“The gardens were a joy to visit. Some of the hanging baskets showed a lot of potential and I can imagine in a few weeks many of them will be really spectacular. The people of Hethersett have a great village with some magnificent trees making great backdrops to many of the gardens. You have some very keen gardeners with some original ideas,” Cathryn Waldron told the presentation evening. 

Certificates were presented by chair of Hethersett parish Council Fred Watkins who paid tribute to the work in organising the events of George Beckford, Heather Williamson and the Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT). Certificates went to the following: 

Gardens – 1 Mr Barksfield of Meadow Close, 2 Mr Oakley of Exmouth Close, 3 Mrs Watts of Central Crescent, 4 Mr Beckford of Grove Road.  

Hanging Baskets, tubs and patios – 1 Mrs Denmark of New Road, 2 Mr Warnes of Southcroft, 3 Mrs Pearson of Hollybrook, Mrs Daniels of  Henstead Road and Mrs Chapman of Churchfields.  

Businesses – 1 Queen’s Head, 2 Attractions Hairdressers, 3 Ivan Fisher Funeral Home. 

The organising committee is looking for new ideas for 2009: “We are considering having a break next year from the open gardens scheme and are looking for new ideas,” said George Beckford

Below is a gallery of photographs from the presentation evening: