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This section of the site is given over to news and articles about and from the parish council.

For a list of councillors and contact numbers click here. Archive council news is available by clicking here.

November 2015

Hethersett Parish Council has again expressed its concern over what it considers to be “dangerous lane markings” on Thickthorn Roundabout. 

The council’s latest comments follow a meeting with Highways England which has been followed by a letter from the agency stating that no changes will be made to the junction. 

Councillors agreed that lane markings continue to be a concern, particularly those coming off the A47 from the Great Yarmouth direction which indicate vehicles going towards Hethersett should take the right hand lane. The council have asked for the markings to revert back to allowing vehicles going towards the village to use the middle of the three lanes. 

A letter from Highways England states that “no collisions have occurred as result of the poor use of the A47 lane 2 of the westbound off slips.” 

The letter goes on to say that the erection of new vertical indicator signs on the slip road to “re-inforce the surface marking advice” would only be put in place if “injury collisions occur in sufficient numbers.” 

“I understand that you and your parish members will be disappointed though, as I explained at our meeting, if injury collision savings cannot be demonstrated I have no justification for public funding,” the letter from Roger Chenery of Highways England concludes. 

Councillors re-affirmed their belief that the roundabout is both confusing and dangerous: 

“We are disappointed with the response. The roundabout is not fit for purpose, particularly in the light of new development in the area that will increase the amount of traffic considerably,” said parish council chairman Jacky Sutton. 

The public have also expressed their concerns about the current signage with over 100 people leaving comments on the independent Hethersett village web site supporting a return to the original markings. 

                                      *                                *                         *

Hethersett Parish Council is to fight  plans to cut the lighting on the B1172. The Hethersett stretch of the road includes a number of junctions including those at Station Lane, Churchfields and New Road. 

De-illumination is being proposed by Norfolk County Council as part of its 50% carbon reduction plans for street lighting in Norfolk. The county’s proposal is to remove street lighting 100 metres east of Station Lane in Hethersett through to the A11 Spooner Row junction near Wymondham. The proposal is to also turn off lighted signs and bollards. 

Parish councillors supported plans to reduce the local carbon footprint as much as possible, but are opposing the de-illumination on the grounds of the number of junctions and public safety issues, particularly in the light of plans for a new cycle path from Hethersett to Wymondham. Members felt that turning off lighting on road signs and bollards could prove potentially dangerous. 

Members felt that a compromise could be achieved by turning lights off at 11 p.m. The council will send a letter to Norfolk County Council underlining the issues and requesting a meeting.

Hethersett Parish Council is becoming increasingly concerned about “inconsiderate parking” in the village.

 *                                *                         * 

The latest meeting heard that vehicle owners parking on grass verges are causing obstructions for pushchairs and mobility scooters. 

“Vehicles seem to be indiscriminately parking everywhere including on verges and pavements and opposite bus stops. Hethersett is becoming a glorified car park. People think they can park anywhere they like,” said council member Jim Bartram. 

It was agreed that the council’s police liaison group should look into the matter and discuss it with Norfolk Police in view of the fact that the problem is likely to get worse with major new development planned in Hethersett.

 *                                *                         *

Hethersett Parish Council is continuing to support plans for three additional bus shelters in the village and a new crossing facility on the B1172 to help residents safely cross the road to shops at Church Farm. 

A bid is being put in to Norfolk County Council under the Parish Partnership Project which would see Hethersett and the county council both meeting 50% of the cost. Plans are to provide new bus shelters close to the parish church, in Churchfields and on the B1172. 

The new crossing would take the form of a middle of the road structure similar to that opposite St Remigius Church. At its latest meeting the council unanimously agreed to meet the 50% cost if its application is accepted.

 *                                *                         * 

 Marilyn Savory has been co-opted onto Hethersett Parish Council to bring the council up to its full complement of 13. Adrienne Quinlan was co-opted at the previous meeting. 

Mrs Savory has lived in the village for 47 years and is a leading member of Hethersett Horticultural Society and also an active member of the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group in Wymondham.

October 2015

Hethersett Parish Council will be opening its doors to the public for a monthly surgery in the village library. 

Councillors will be on hand from 2 to 4 p.m on the second Monday of each month from January for a “Parish Pop In” afternoon to discuss local matters and answer questions from the public. 

“This is a further step in our drive to improve our communications with residents. We have revamped our quarterly newsletter which has been well received and now wish to provide an opportunity for residents to raise issues outside the more formal structures of council meetings,” said chair of the council Jacky Sutton.

*                              *                         * 

Adrienne Quinlan has been co-opted to the council to bring its numbers up to 12 – one short of a full complement. Anyone interested in filling the existing vacancy can contact parish clerk Ian Weetman on 01603 810915. Retiring councillor Heather Williamson was thanked for her services to the village at a film show to mark this year’s open gardens event. 

“Heather has served on the parish council for 12 years during which time she has worked tirelessly on behalf of the environment and older people. She can be seen out in the village in all weathers irrespective of whether it’s the heat of summer of the cold of winter,” Jackie Sutton said. Mrs Williamson was presented with a bouquet. Jim Bartram has taken on the role of parish council champion for the elderly vacated by Mrs Williamson.

 *                              *                         * 

Money donated to the council from the open gardens scheme will be put towards providing a World War One commemorative seat in the centre of the village. 

Hethersett Parish Council is working with Hethersett Environmental Action Team in an attempt to cut back on dog fouling in the village. 

Both groups are keen to stress not only the anti-social aspects of owners not clearing up after their pets, but also the dangers to children from animal faeces which can spread disease.

 *                              *                         * 

The council is urging cyclists to light up now that the nights are closing in. A number of cyclists have been seen without lights after dark. The council is urging cyclists to ensure they are lit up, wear a helmet and use cycle paths whenever they are available. 

The council is keen to emphasise the need for residents to keep their hedges trimmed.

Owners of unkempt hedges will receive a letter pointing out the dangers of hedges overhanging paths and roads. This is a particular danger for pushchairs and wheelchair owners.

 *                              *                         * 

Hethersett Parish Council will strongly oppose any attempts to shut the village library. 

The council has also received assurances from its county councillor Judith Virgo that she will also fight to keep the library open: “We will not agree to any fire service or library cuts. I know how precious Hethersett Library is and how important it is to the village,” she said referring to the Conservative Party on Norfolk County Council. 

      *                              *                         * 

The Parish Council is to arrange remedial work on the village skateboard park designed to make it safe whilst decisions are taken on its future. The park is currently shut and off limits. Hethersett and the Meltons Sports Association will be discussing the area’s future at its next meeting in January.

 *                              *                         * 

The council is backing plans under the local government parish partnership scheme to build in a safer access point on the B1172 going across to the farm shop. The step would take the form of middle of the road structure similar to that opposite St Remigius Church. The council is also looking into new bus shelters following requests for stops close to the parish church, in Churchfields and  on the B1172. The partnership allows for 50% funding from Norfolk County Council.

September 2015

Hethersett Parish Council is taking a zero tolerance attitude to illegal flyposting in the village. 

Councillors expressed their concern at their latest meeting over the proliferation of commercial and event posters being nailed to telegraph poles and other structures in the village and not being taken down after events have passed. 

Councillors agreed to outlaw such posters and have them pulled down, reminding those putting them up that there are five council owned noticeboards in the village and a number of businesses that accept and display posters. 

The council is also sending letters to residents who cause obstruction by allowing hedges and trees to overhang footpaths and also monitoring inconsiderate parking in the village, particularly where motorists park partly on pavements making it impossible for pushchairs to get through.


May 2013

Fred Watkins was re-elected chair and Vivien Hawes vice-chair at the annual meeting of Hethersett Parish Council. A vacancy still exists for a councillor and anyone interested in applying or finding out more about the role should contact parish clerk Ian Weetman on 01603 810915. 

The meeting heard that 22 gardens in the village will be open to the public on July 14th in an event organised by the Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT). Hethersett has won £250 in the South Norfolk big litter pick for the village’s outstanding environmental work. This money will be used to further enhance the environment. 

Concern was expressed that some householders are using public bins for household rubbish. The council is also sending a letter to South Norfolk Council about some bins not being emptied regularly. 

A member of the public brought up the subject of the Memorial Playing Field being used for golf practice and this matter has been referred to the playing field trustees with a view to warning notices being put up to prevent both this and the car park being used for football. 

Another meeting is being organised between the parish and Norfolk County Council’s Library Service to discuss proposed plans to extend Hethersett Library to provide a parish office and archive centre. 

At its next meeting the council will discuss improved ways of sending out information to parishioners through use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to complement its present newsletter and items in the Good News parish magazine.

The following appointments were made:

Council Committees and Representation:

Finance Working Group -  Fred Watkins, John Nightingale, Shane Hull, Christopher Mallett.

Planning Committee - Vivien Hawes, Fred Watkins, Christopher Morriss, Eileen Mulvaney, John Nightingale, Jackie Sutton.

Archive Liaison Group - Shane Hull, Heather Williamson and Christopher Mallett

Police Liaison - John Nightingale and Jackie Sutton

Newsletter Editors - Fred Watkins and Vivien Hawes

Communications Officer - Peter Steward

Hethersett Environmental Action Team Reps - Anne Edwards, Christopher Morriss, Heather Williamson, Jackie Sutton

Pensioners' Liaison - Heather Williamson

Neighbourhood Board - Peter Steward and John Nightingale

Village Hall Management Committee Reps - Fred Watkins and Christopher Morriss

Memorial Playing Field Trustees Reps - Anne Edwards and Robert Reeve (nominated person)

Olympic Legacy Working Group - Shane Hull, Peter Steward and Alison Utting

Parish Office Working Group - Vivien Hawes, Shane Hull, Fred Watkins, Heather Williamson, John Nightingale and Jackie Sutton


April 2013

Award winning village Hethersett is looking for a new parish councillor. 

The village, which was named Norfolk Community of the Year in 2012 and which became the first in the country to win a national Big Society award earlier this year, currently has 12 parish councillors, leaving one vacancy. 

The position can be filled by co-option without a public vote and anyone interested should contact clerk Ian Weetman on 01603 810915 or via e-mail at for more details. 

The full council meets monthly with the next meeting on May 20th. The village’s annual parish meeting will take place in Hethersett Village Hall on May 8th at 7.30 p.m when there will be reports from a number of local organisations. 

Plans are going ahead to find a permanent home for the village archive. As a temporary measure a new storage facility for documents is being provided at the village hall whilst negotiations continue to look into the feasibility of extending Hethersett Library to provide both a parish office and archive store. 

The council is looking into problems caused by parking on the grass verges around Hethersett Memorial Playing Field following complaints from parishioners.


March 2013

Hethersett Parish Council is objecting to the proposed building of 158 new homes north of Great Melton Road on the grounds that it would produce excessive traffic through the village and put further pressure on existing amenities such as schools and the doctors' surgery. Construction traffic would also cause serious nuisance to residents. A recommendation that the scheme be refused will be sent to South Norfolk District Council. 

A vacancy on the Parish Council can be filled without an election, the latest meeting heard. The vacancy has arisen following the resignation of vice-chairman Gary Wyatt and the council will be aiming to co-opt at its next meeting on April 15th. The closing date for applications is April 5th and the new appointment will take the council up to its full strength of 13. 

Details of how to apply for the position have been posted on parish owned noticeboards and are also available from parish clerk Ian Weetman on 01603 810915 or via e-mail at 

At its latest meeting councillors discussed the future of the village archive and have met with Norfolk Libraries Service to draw up plans for a possible extension to Hethersett Library to create a parish office and house the archives. An archive group will be following this up as well as looking into other possible alternatives to house and display the historic documents. 

Two sites are being considered for a defibrillator which could be donated to the village by the Co-Op. Hethersett Village Hall and Hethersett Methodist Church have both offered to house the machine on outside walls. The Co-Op will survey both sites to see if either is appropriate. 

The meeting heard that the Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT), which is a sub committee of the parish council, has been awarded £500 worth of Peter Beales’ roses from a social media competition. These will be planted in various locations including outside the Jubilee Youth Club Hall. 

The council is looking into the possibility of taking up the free use of a South Norfolk Neighbourhood Board Speed Awareness Machine to gather information on problem areas in the village with regards to speeding. It is looking to recruit a number of volunteers to look after the machine which records the speed of motorists to provide statistics and information. Anybody interested in helping over a two week period should contact the parish clerk.


February 2013

Vivien Hawes has been elected vice-chairman of Hethersett Parish Council to replace Gary Wyatt who resigned following the district council decision to grant outline planning permission for over 1200 new homes in the village. 

There is still a vacancy for a new parish councillor and the post will be advertised in the near future. Meanwhile Jackie Sutton has been elected to the council’s planning committee. 

Chairman Fred Watkins thanked Mr Wyatt for his work: “I would like to thank Gary for his work for the council and say how sad we are that he has gone, although I do understand his reasons,” he said. 

The village could soon have a new defibrillator in place, donated by a national company. The parish council has been asked to identify possible locations. The council is also looking into the possibility of re-siting the parish office and village archive in a central position. 

The council has made a donation of £150 to the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service, a charity close to the heart of Hethersett GP Dr Tony Press. It has also agreed to support plans to improve and extend the existing pavilion on Hethersett Memorial Playing Field and plans for improved projection and audio equipment for Hethersett Village Hall. 

The council also recommended a further grit bin to be located on the bend of New Road (subject to Highways’ approval). The council’s next full meeting will be on March 18th in Hethersett Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. The April meeting date has been changed from the 22nd to the 15th.


January 2013

Hethersett Parish Council is becoming increasingly concerned at illegal fly posting in the village and the use of event promoting A frames on pavements. 

A number of commercial organisations have been using telegraph poles, trees and other areas in the village and not official noticeboards. Organisations in the village such as the Village Hall Management Committee have already warned their users about illegal fly posting. 

The new car park in Great Melton Road has been officially adopted by the parish council for short term public parking and notices to this affect will be erected in the near future. 

The latest council meeting received a run down of crime in the village – with 17 reported in the three month period up to January 28th. PCSO Oliver Butcher reported a variety of crimes including criminal damage to cars, thefts from commercial premises, two common assaults and two domestic assaults, one burglary at a private dwelling and one at commercial premises. There had also been one case of possession of a Class A drug with the intent to supply. Council chairman Fred Watkins said that the figures once again underlined what a safe place Hethersett is with a very low crime rate. 

The council is purchasing a new grit bin which will be sited at the junction of Park Drive and West Croft. 

The meeting also received reports from a number of local groups including the Olympic Legacy Committee, Hethersett Environmental Action Team and the Hethersett and the Meltons Sports Association.


Parish Council Meetings 

Members of the public are welcome to attend and can make comments during the public participation section of full meetings and on planning applications at the planning meetings.

A list of coming meetings and councillors is available by clicking here.