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Memories of Kathleen Whitehouse

Kathleen Whitehouse contacted the genealogy section of the web site in trying to trace her family history. As a result Kathleen was kind enough to let us have some of the memories of her family and of the village and some photographs which we reproduce here with her permission.


Uncle Reg took the photographs above and at the end of this piece. Above on the left is Aunt Gladys and on the right is Aunt Gladys, her brother, mother and Kathleen and baby David


Kathleen was looking to trace relatives in Hethersett by the name of Woods and they lived in Lynch Green in the cottages behind Lynch Green House. Kathleen takes up the story:

Aunt Sybil (as she was known to me then lived there) She was also aunt to my Uncle Reg Woods. He was on the Parish Council. In 1964 David their son was born. My aunt became ill around 1966 and I came to live in Hethersett to look after David and start him to school in the village.

I came home in 1969 to get married. In 1970 Aunt Gladys died and I returned for the funeral, but cannot remember which church. (but I remember uncle Reg's mother being buried there too.)

I enjoyed my time in Hethersett and one day would like to return just to walk where I once did and look at the changes.

Reggie's Father was Henry Woods, and Mother Florence (I think?) lived in Great Melton. Uncle Reg used to call him "Hector". I'm not sure if that would have been one of his Christian names or a nickname.

I remember visiting often for tea etc, and he had a greenhouse in which he liked to grow flowers (I have a photo of my aunt Gladys sitting in the doorway). Uncle Reg worked in the City I think for an auctioneers' firm.

I would also like to know what happened to David their son if anyone might remember him. I remember that aunty Sib (as I called her) didn't live in the house alone. She had a companion or sister with her, but I can't remember her name. Uncle Reg called her aunt.

I also remember The Loke as I lived with Aunt Gladys in the cottages at the bottom. There were garages on the right as well.

I also remember Uncle Reg auctioning cattle as he took me to the cattle market one day. Aunt Gladys once played a nun in a church play (though what church I don't know). But I do remember the shop on Great Melton Road. I think it was a post office once. The last picture I saw of it (on your site) I think) it was a charity shop. I used to pass it everyday on my way to take  David to school. (editors note - The Old Post Office which subsequently became a charity shop has been pulled down and replaced by housing. The Post Office has moved to smaller premises in Oak Square and the charity shop is situated across the road from the old post office in what was formerly a newsagents).

I remember the old iron railings around "Lynch Green House" where Aunty Syb lived with her companion. The name Ruby springs to mind although I might be mistaken. I used to go and feed ducks on a little pond not far from the house and gaze at the massive trees.

See also the genealogy section by clicking here.

If you have memories of the village or its people and would like them to be included on this site, just send them by e-mail by clicking here.