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Leaders Bernadette Ball and Julie Wardrop with a group of unhappy Beavers after the youngsters were told about vandalism at their headquarters


Vandalism at Hethersett’s Scouts and Guides Headquarters is costing thousands of pounds. 

The cost of repairs to windows and the roof is draining much needed money away from the scouts, guides, cubs, beavers, brownies, explorers and rainbows that regularly use the hall. 

“When you see the results of vandalism it makes you feel sick. Many people put a great deal of effort into the group. We see the youngsters themselves blossom and grow in confidence and we teach them citizenship and how to care for others and then vandals spoil it for them. They see the damage that has been caused and get very upset and we have to explain how some people get pleasure from damaging the hall,” said Group Scout Leader Bernadette Ball. 

Since September the headquarters has had its roof damaged on a number of occasions as well as windows smashed and fires lit in its grounds. The latest damage to the roof has cost £2,200 to repair with the money coming from group funds: 

“We are trying to improve and update the hall. Now we have to spend the money on repairs rather than improvements. It really does go against the grain to have to spend money on repairs. The hall was originally built by parents for the youngsters of Hethersett to enjoy,” said group treasurer Paul Barrett. 

Eighteen months ago a serious break-in at the hall saw every cupboard entered and ransacked. 

The group has reported the latest spate of vandalism to the police and received advice from Norfolk Constabulary’s crime prevention department. Apart from spoiling the fun of others vandals are also running quite a risk. 

“Whoever is damaging the panels could easily fall through the roof and suffer serious injury,” Paul added. 

Paul and Bernadette are also insistent that the vandals will not win: “We are determined to keep going whatever happens. The vandals will not beat us. We would appeal for help from the public and ask people to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious to the police,” they said. 

Apart from the vandalism, the group goes from strength to strength with over 120 youngsters from the age of five to over 18 taking part in regular scouting and guiding activities. Last year the hall celebrated its silver jubilee, having been built in 1981. 

The group is also looking this year to celebrate a centenary of Scouting. The first ever scout camp took place on Brownsea Island at the beginning of August, 1907. 

The Hethersett group is hoping that the second century of Scouting and Guiding will be vandalism-free in the village. 

Hethersett Scout Group has its own web site at