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A Hethersett man is so concerned about the dangers of climate change that he has published a book of poems on the subject. 

George Beckford (pictured above), who is chair of Hethersett Parish Council and a leading member of the Hethersett Environmental Action Team (HEAT), has collected together poems written over a number of years and brought them together in an anthology entitled “Per-Verse-Sonal” 

“Experts assure us that pollution of our atmosphere is still increasing and unless we reverse that trend our world is heading for chaos. 

“All of us contribute to pollution, directly or indirectly. The poems deal with climate and the 3Rs – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle – and how we can do our bit,” he said. 

It is the first time George has put all his “green poems” into one anthology. 

“Except for one new poem, these have been previously published but have now been brought together to emphasise the points made and to alert people to likely outcomes.” 

The anthology contains 23 poems with titles such as: “Climatic-Dramatic,” “All Change”, “Attention Brings Redemption,” “Sustainability,” “Waste Not, Want Not” and “Zero Waste” 

The books have been sent to all the schools in the village and can also be borrowed from Hethersett Library.

Below is one of the poems which is reproduced with George's kind permission:

Our Green Land

Rural protection. What does it mean?

Not merely preserving the current scene,

Global warming we need to stall,

If the universe is to support us all.


Local Plans properly conceived

For our countryside to be relieved;

Planners made to toe the line,

So planning decisions turn out fine.


Now it's plan, monitor and manage,

All required to reduce the damage,

Sequential approach has been decreed

And affordable housing for those in need.


Development preferred on a "brownfield" site,

With "greenfields" then sewn up tight,

Making the most of urban land,

the countryside allowed to take its stand.


Sustainable, it all must be,

Housing to comply with PPG3,

Density then just fundamental,

And parking space co-incidental.


Key targets set, Best Value obtained,

Windfall allowance must be claimed,

Better design, individual or local,

Architects eyes on these be focal.


Everyday actions more in line,

Progressively green these must define,

Close to home, as well as a broad,

Results will bring their own reward.


One out on a shopping venture

Finds congestion in the City Centre,

perhaps relieved by Park and Ride,

Where cars are left upon the side.


Public transport to provide relief

Convenience there beyond belief

Some might say, while others disagree

And some just resent paying the fee.


Quiet lanes and cycle paths,

Designed for safety, and some laughs,

Speed management another device,

Compliance with which will suffice.


Quality councils, parishes may form

If, to certain criteria, they conform,

Market towns set for regeneration,

With money to fund the inspiration.


With ever step upon the way,

Reduce pollution, remove decay,

It could be large, it might be small,

Please, just don't do nothing at all.


© George Beckford - February 2007


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