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News - April to June 2001

Planning Application Refused

A planning application to build 34 houses on land north of Queen's Road and south of Jaguar Road has been turned down by South Norfolk District Council's planning authorities.

The application which also included the formation of a new road and conversion of existing farm buildings was unanimously rejected by councillors on the grounds that it was contrary to policy, detrimental to visual amenities of the village, detrimental to residential amenities and was of an inappropriate design. Members agreed that the area was a significant area of open space in the village.

As well as the buildings the plan incorporated open landscaping and amenity area, but was turned down when the developers failed to turn up at the meeting. A number of objections had been received from residents and also the parish council and Hethersett Society.

Members of the planning authority felt that the open space being offered did not compensate for the loss of a significant part of the site to development.

In contrast plans to build seven homes on land at the Coal Yard in Lynch Green were passed.


More Success for Hethersett Athletic

Hethersett Athletic Football Club is enjoying the best season in its 10 year history. In April the Under-13s won their league cup with a 2-1 victory over Hellesdon. The men's first team won their second successive championship when they won the Norwich Sunday League Division Three by 11 clear points to add to their Division Two title from the previous year.



A quiz and chips evening organised by Anne and Peter Steward and Margaret and Dick Thompson and held at the Middle School raised over 230 for National Children's Homes at the end of April. The general knowledge quiz was won by a team from the village under the name of Frying Tonight.

Cleaning up the Village

Over 20 bags of litter were picked up from around the village during a clean-up in April.

Twelve volunteers undertook the spring clean which was organised by the Hethersett Environmental Action Team. The main areas targeted were Queen's Road, Great Melton Road, the area around the Jubilee Youth Club and the Memorial Playing Field including the footpath leading to it from Ketts Close.

It is possible that the clean-up could become a regular event. Meanwhile the village will be entering the Village of the Year competition which is a community based contest .

The clean-up continued in May when those taking part agreed that there was significantly less litter than the previous month. Road signs and litter bins were spruced up and the team has pointed out the untidy state of the pond at the playing field leading from Ullswater Drive.

HEAT has taken over responsibility for Hethersett in Bloom and flower beds at the village sign and Oak Square have been planted out. Nine hanging baskets are in place for the summer. Further litter picks are also planned.

Continuation of Poor Bus Service

Under the thin disguise of "improving the service", Eastern Counties Bus Company have actually succeeded in frustrating and angering villagers who have found the new timings unsatisfactory. Some residents have returned to using their cars, thus defeating the aims of the bus company to get people using public transport once again. The concept of public transport only works if the service is efficient and effective. Quite obviously this one is not. The parish council has written to the bus company to express its disappointment with the current service. It has asked for the level of service to be restored to what it was before one of the timetabled buses was dropped during peak time. This is obviously yet another case of a large company thinking they know better than the actual people who use the service and the demand that exists and they pass this off as progress and improving the service.

Apparently the bus company have been monitoring the situation since March and in May announced that many of the problems had been overcome. They are looking at the possibility of re-instating the much needed 8.45 a.m service.

Consultation with the bus company has resulted in an additional service stopping at St David's Road at 08.46 and making its way through the village to arrive in Norwich at 09.13.

Stiff Problem

There is a problem in the village of people using the paper recycling bins for cardboard. South Norfolk recycling department has informed the Village Hall Committee that one specific laod was lamost returned because of the amount of cardboard. Cardboard should be taken to the nearest domestic dump at Ketteringham.

Archive On Line

The Hethersett Archive is now on-line at This was made possible when Hethersett Society recaived a grant for the professional cataloguing of the archive by Jean Agnew in December 2000. Every document, map, postcard etc in the collection has been listed with a unique catalogue number and a brief description of each item. The web site was designed by village archivist Bill Reekie who said: "Now anyone in the world who owns a copmuter with an Internet connection can access our unique archive and I would be pleased to consider links to other sites which have either a Hethersett or Norfolk connection. Bill can be contacted at

Hanging Around Again

Plans are to go ahead with another Hethersett in Bloom which will mean hanging baskets of flowers will be placed on nine British Telecom poles in Great Melton Road. The Parish Council is looking for sponsors to pay 15 each for baskets. There was originally some doubt about the scheme going ahead due to health and safety concerns.

Pensioners Group

Hethersett Pensioners' Association has made its voice known on a number of local issues including the possible need for public toilets in the village, an advocacy scheme to help people with activities such as form filling in, the state of the churchyard and war memorial and the excessive speed of cars along New Road. On the latter matter, the parish council has agreed to put up a speed reactive road sign.

Mysterious Disappearance

The parish council is to look into the disappearance of the telephone box in Great Melton Road which seems to have been taken down without any consultation in the village.

Annual Parish Meeting

The annual parish meeting was held in the new village hall and attended by numerous residents who received reports on village matters including the memorial playing field, youth parish council, setting up of Homewatch schemes and other topical issues. Local policeman PC Rob Boothby vowed to clampdown on illegal and dangerous parking in the village and expressed particular concern about cars being parked outside schools in the mornings and afternoons. Many of these were causing an obstruction and many people preferred to drive a few hundred yards rather than walk. There wer also presentations from the village representatives on South Norfolk District Council and Norfolk County Council.

At the annual parish council meeting, George Beckford was re-elected chairman and Nick Jarvis vice-chairman.

The council is supporting an idea to provide a path to the play area on the Memorial Playing Field

Fete Success

Gloriously hot weather turned the annual Hethersett Middle School into a festival of colour at which about 1,500 was raised for PTA funds. New this year were the wacky races when 15 rubber hand powered vehicles designed and made by children competed on the school playground. Vehicles were judged on both speed and design and the winner was Dominic Prime.

Charlotte Smiles Through Injury

It was a special night for Charlotte Boreham when Hethersett Athletic Football Club held its annual presentation evening at Carrow Road.

Charlotte became the first female footballer to win the club's prestigious Lee Thompson Memorial Trophy for her outstanding contribution during the season.

Charlotte was a leading player in the girls Under-15s and women's side but cruelly broke an ankle before the women's cup final against Aylsham and was forced to miss the big match.

Her willingness during the season to play in goal and her support of other players despite her own heartache was recognised in the club's top award which was set-up in memory of player Lee Thompson who was tragically killed in a road accident. Lee's brother Ben, who plays for Norwich City's youth academy, presented the prizes. A full report on the evening is available on the clubs web site at

Wildlife Area

A new wildlife area and pond has opened at Hethersett Middle School. The idea sprang from a suggestion to year seven pupil Jamie Wright by the school's acting head Richard Carter.

Some of his friends and his father Martin Jordan joined in to provide a "wonderful learning opportunity for all the pupils."

Mr Jordan, Jamie and his brother Ben carefully planned the project, then approached various businesses for sponsorship, acquiring fencing, plants, pool liner and rocks.

With other helpers they dug out hte pond and put up fencing and then pursuaded Norfolk Fire Service to fill the pool for them.

At the opening ceremony the pond had its first inhabitants in a jug of tadpoles.

Hard Hitting School Report

Hethersett Middle School's annual governors parents evening heard how staff and governors felt let down by the inactivity of Norfolk's Local Education Authority.

Hard-hitting reports accused the LEA of procrastination with regards to replacing the antiquated design and technology block and also mis-leading the school into expecting a six figure grant to repair and enhance the school's swimming pool.

Reports to the parents referred to the swimming pool situation as a "debacle." To read the chair of governors report at the meeting please go to This link

Suzanne and Paul Do It Themselves

Hethersett's Do It Yourself shop has been saved from closure at the eleventh hour thanks to Great Melton couple Suzanne and Paul Howes who have taken over the shop.

The previous owners had begun a closing down sale before the new partnership stepped in: "Everyone seems so pleased that the store is staying as a DIY shop and we have already extended our opening hours so that Paul can be available to our customers when he is not working as a builder," Suzanne said.


The village map has been updated and three new signs have been put up in New Road, Queen's Road and Churchfields. The map has been drawn up by Geoff Brownsey.

Rubbish not wanted

There have been complaints about people dumping their garden rubbish around the boundary of the Memorial Playing Field. This attracts rats and will be costly for the parish to remove.

Shorts ................

The provision of a pathway on the Memorial Playing Field to the play equipment is being looked at again.

The pond on the Ullswater recreation field has been highlighted by the Hethersett Environmental Action Group as requiring improvements.

The parish council is to ask the Highways Authority to provide hard surface passing places in parts of Back Lane to prevent further potholes and erosion.

A donation of 75 has been made by the village to the South Norfolk Victim Support scheme.

Two young cycle speedway aces have received Sports Aid Foundation lottery grants. Nick Bedson and Nick Myhill are among 12 riders to receive the World Class awards recognising their international potential.

Ray Milne has been welcomed as a new meber of Hethersett Parish Council.

The village maps in New Road and Queen's Road are being updated and a new map will also be placed alongside the existing noticeboard on Churchfields.

The Steepletower sign has been removed after public consultation.

The results of the village appraisal, delayed because of the high level of response, are now expected over the next month.

There is concern in the village at the loss of the public telephone box in Great Melton Road. The parish council is asking British Telecom to look into a suitable alternative site for a box.

A garden party held at the home of Hethersett resident Joan Hicks raised 270 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance fund.

The village is looking at ways of celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee on 4th June, 2002. Several suggestions have already been made such as a village fete and/or party. An open meeting to discuss ideas is planned for the beginning of July.