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Ofsted Delight for Outstanding School

Hethersett Woodside First School is top of the class after a stunning Ofsted report which ranked it as “outstanding” in 26 out of 27 categories and “good” in the 27th. 

Staff and pupils are celebrating the achievement that puts them in the top 5% of schools nationally. 

The school was praised throughout the report for its consistently high standards and outstanding achievement, with all pupils making very good progress whatever their starting point. 

There is also praise for “outstanding teaching and an exceptionally rich curriculum contributing to pupils’ huge enjoyment of learning with learning being made very interesting.” 

The children are singled out for special mention: “Pupils volunteer ideas and opinions with remarkable maturity. They have a strong sense of justice, their behaviour is impeccable and their understanding of mutual responsibility and healthy lifestyles is extraordinary for their age. 

Head teacher Helen Lamb’s leadership is described as “excellent and exceptionally skilled and supported highly effectively by other managers and governors with the governors keeping an exceptionally close check on the school’s work.” 

The school received “outstanding” for every single overall category – overall effectiveness of the school, achievement and standards, personal development and well-being, quality of provision, curriculum and other activities, care, guidance and support and leadership and management. 

“This is an outstanding achievement for our school and we are very proud. I’m very pleased that Ofsted recognised that we go the extra mile to support every single pupil. Our school aim is excellence and enjoyment and that is reflected 100% in the report. 

“The success is a tribute to the hard work and excellence of strong teamwork with children, parents, staff and governors working together with superb results, it is truly a privilege to be part of it, “Mrs Lamb said adding that the school was also very proud of its close links with the local community. 

The Ofsted inspectors have written to the children to thank them for their hard work. 

“We enjoyed meeting you enormously. Thank you for being so kind, considerate and helpful. We know you rate your school highly and we agree with you and your parents; we think you go to an exceptionally good school.” 

The Woodside Ofsted report follows closely on the heels of impressive reports for Hethersett Middle School and Hethersett High School. 

The full reports for all three schools are available on the Ofsted web site which can be accessed by clicking here.